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Hello guys! My name is Harshit and I am 24 years old. I do not have much muscular body but yes it is a decent body type like the way it should be as per my age. My parents do not live with me as they are in the US, so basically I have lived most of my life at my mother’s system home. She has got the name I,e Radha. She is around 38 years old and she also has a daughter who is 20 years old. Her husband died of heart failure a few years ago. She works as a teacher in a local school. She always treated me like I was her real son and I always considered her my real mother.

When the lockdown was imposed last year, we were not going outside anywhere and used to stay at home most of the time. Since I was stuck in the house with my aunt, I did not have many things to do at home. I was concentrating on my aunt most of the time and one day when she was cleaning the house I got a glimpse of her navel. She liked to wear a saree most of the time and whenever she wears it she does it in such a way that her back is almost naked and a little bit of her butt is exposed and the belly button can be easily seen.

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She rarely uses dupattas whenever she wears churidar so whenever she needs to bend down, her huge cleavage is exposed and one can see her big boobs easily. Whenever I get to those moments, I always masturbate. Earlier sometimes I used to release my load using a male masturbator or Mini Sex Doll. My aunt likes to play Carom, play video games, and Ludo throughout the whole day. Sometimes we get so close that I forgot that she was my aunt and we loved watching porn videos together. I once saw my cousin's cleavage and thought about her most of the time which I know is different and I should control myself whenever I get to see her body. One day, I went to the bathroom in a very fast fashion and did not know that my aunt was there cleaning the bathroom so I popped my dick out to pee and she saw it. Though I did not get the chance ever to see her private parts I stopped myself knowing that she is my aunt and I should not look at her body that way.

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She is so freaking hot so no matter how much I control myself I end up fapping over her bold sexy figure. She teases me by showing her cleavage whenever she is cleaning the floor. She knows pretty well what arouses me so she always does all those things to get my cock hard. She is 38 years old but her boobs are so big and sturdy like she is 25 years old and her ass is so rounded and huge too.

One day we were all alone at the house and friends from the neighborhood came over. We were chatting about personal incidents that happened to us. One of my male friends confessed that he fucked a girl living next door. He mentioned that he used some kind of sex toys and porn to seduce her and she got ready to have sex with him in no time. So after the chat ended and when all were going home I pulled him to the side and asked him to give me the toys that he used to engage in sexual encounters with her friend. I came back to my room and what I saw surprised me. My aunt was standing there totally naked and she did not have any bra or panty on. This was the first time I saw her pussy which was clean-shaven and it was wet hot and pink in color. That day, I was totally in the mood to fuck her in the room.

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