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Male Chastity Cage Lock Online

Using a chastity cage is a delight and thrilling experience for some people. They love participating in chastity play, divesting themselves (or someone else) of sex or even arousal for some time. It is its form of misery. The best kind, though! Some people even wear them full time, reveling in that intimate knowledge that their meat and two veg are under lock and key.

What Is Male Chastity Anyway?

Male chastity illustrates connecting an instrument to your penis that stops you from masturbating or including sex. This process can be done by either your partner or Dom/me in service to them or an event like Locktober. The main motive behind chastity cage is to stop you from being able to get an erection. And that's the fun, my friend!!!

Maybe it is not a typical type of fun for you. Do we understand the point of not getting off after all? In sexual intercourse, erection is the main thingy thing we want. It is different for everyone, and for some people, serving their dominance in any power is hot, even if that means being pristine. Male chastity is very popular in BDSM play.

If it's something you're curious about testing, whether wearing your device or using one on someone else, we got it. Our knowledge may help you to fulfill your demands and play safely.

How To Choose The Right Size?

1. When buying the cage, the first question poop in your mind is, what size should we go for? Measuring yourself for a chastity cage is essential. The purpose is to be maintained a robust and close-knit one. If it is too loose, you'll have too much stretch and activity; if it is too tight, you might experience some damage. So you've got to ensure you're getting a cage sized perfectly to you! Here are some steps for you "how you can measure your penis for chastity cage":

2. Measure the length and girth of your penis while floppy. To measure the rim, wrap a piece of yarn around your cock, observing it at the two points where it crosses over and measuring the amount of yarn.

3. Measure the rim of your penis around the base, behind the balls, and over the penis. You want it firm, so do not pull it tight for precise measurement. Again, use the string if it makes measuring easier.

4. Now retake the measurements, but his time with an erection. There will be some differences!

5. Remember to write down both measurements, which is vital while chastity shopping.

6. With the help of these measurements you've just taken, start shopping and check the websites for the chastity cage sizes. It's always worth checking their sizing guide to ensure you know how to size a chastity cage. It's as simple as that!

What Kind Of Material Is Used For The Chastity Cage?

All kinds of materials are available, which depend on your choice. Your cage can be made from silicone, ABS plastic, or metal, depending on your chosen style. Select whichever material works best for you and for your body. Just make sure your skin is not allergic to the material. If you've used sex toys created from these materials in the past, you know what material you will use. Also, remember that you must wear this item longer and ensure your skin is ready for it. And make sure you have talked about everything with your partner.

How To Put On A Chastity Cage:

• Clean, Clean, Clean:

Ensure your penis is clean, dry, and fully lax. If you're turned on by the possibility of getting into your cage, take a quick cold shower right before you get started or place a cold pack (never put a cold container directly on your skin, use a towel as a barricade) on your cock for a few seconds before you start. You could also yield in a masturbation session to loosen yourself before you start.

• Put On The Cage:

If you have a one-piece cage, insert your penis first, followed by one testicle at a time so that when you're finished, the cage blooms against your body. If your ring has two parts, you can close it around your cock and balls instead. Be careful not to pinch yourself! A little lube is okay for this step, as it may make things smoother. If it is difficult for you to slip your balls inside the ring, my friend, you need a giant cage.

• Enter The Sheath:

Feed your cock into the sheath. A little help with lube will make it much more accessible. If you would rather keep the sheath dry, you can line it with a stocking or other hosiery, slip your cock in, and then pull the piece of hose out through the tip. 

• Secure Everything And Lock Up For Play:

Attach the sheath to the ring with the locking pins. Once you get comfortable, secure everything and enjoy the rest of your day.

Do Chastity Cages Hurt?

You're sticking your cock in a restrictive, tight, and often reasonably inflexible cage, so there's bound to be some pain and discomfort…right? Well, actually, no. The idea is to feel firmly held and like you're not entirely controlling your cock. You should remove your cage immediately if you feel pain or discomfort! Here are a few options for why your chastity cage was hurting..

 • You Have The Wrong Size:-

If your cage is too tight, you'll force an already delicate part of your body into a cell it doesn't fit into! Now THAT sounds painful!

• You're Not Using Enough Lube:-

When it comes to chastity cages, you'll want a certain amount of slippery wetness to get in there properly and ensure you're wearing it correctly. A lack of lubes might cause some friction, and friction can hurt! So make sure you're lubed up properly!

• Your Pubes Might Be Entangled:- 

It's always a good idea to shave your pubic hairs before the action. If you are well groomed from down there, you are less likely to be entangled.

• You Might Have A Chastity Cage Designed For Pain:-

that's right, some enclosures are explicitly intended to cause pain, so double-check your purchase before buying if that's not the kind of chastity cage you're after!

Here Are Some Safety Tips You Guys: 

• Most cages come with a lock and key. You can hand over the key to your Dom/me or other trusted keyholder, but you'll also need to secure your emergency key somewhere else for safekeeping if you need to unlock your cage.

• Use a safety seal or zip tie in place of the padlock if that feels safer. Just keep a pair of scissors nearby for removal. All cages come with two keys; we suggest you keep one safe somewhere. So that in case of emergency, you can reach it easily. 

• There are ways for your Dom/me or keyholder to ensure you don't use your emergency key unless you're given express permission. If this is part of your chastity contract, you can add to the scene in several ways. 


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