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Kegel Balls for Women are the balls you use to exercise the muscles in your pelvic floor, but the name also refers to many Ben Wa Balls and other items, such as the Yoni Egg. To keep things straight, you might say that Ben Wa Balls work to increase your sexual enjoyment, while Kegel Balls are best for shaping your pelvic shape.

The contrast between these balls is how they should be utilized rather than how they look. These balls are made for internal usage, come in corded or uncorded designs, and are beaded with small weights. The price of ben wa balls is unaffected by the different uses, and our site makes it simple to buy ben wa balls in India and kegel balls in India online. Therefore, hook yourself;)

Kegel Balls, Christian Gray, Anastasia Steele, and your favorite BDSM toys can be used to recreate the legendary Fifty Shades of Grey scene. You can't resist these sex toys for women, which vulva owners favor for their adjustability, flexible uses, and straightforward directions. At Adultscare, we have a superb assortment of Kegel Balls made exclusively for women in India. Also checkout wide collection of Sexy lingerie for foreplay.

Types Of Kegel Balls:

See below for the top Kegel balls for strengthening the pelvic floor, whether you desire a tighter vagina, more sexual pleasure, or are battling incontinence.


Yoni balls, often called yoni eggs, are a type of Kegel weight formed of crystal, jade, rose quartz, and aventurine. To strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, people are encouraged to enter them into the vagina and leave them there for many hours. The pelvic floor, however, can suffer if the muscles continuously contract for a long time. Since they are frequently porous, they are challenging to keep clean and might increase the woman's chance of developing a pelvic infection. Moreover, they often have too much heft and are too light to strengthen the muscles.


Ben wa balls, also called Geisha balls, are spherical objects typically constructed of metal and available in a range of diameters and weights to match different body types. Ben wa balls function similarly to yoni balls in that women are urged to leave them in for prolonged periods to develop their pelvic floor muscles. Moreover, they are frequently too light to build muscle, and when left in for an extended amount of time, they can potentially harm the pelvic floor.


Vagina balls, commonly known as plastic kegel balls, are readily available alternatives that are less expensive and lighter. Sizes, forms, materials, and usage guidelines come in various options. Women are typically instructed to place them within the vagina and leave them there for a long time.

Why Kegel Balls are good:

While the usefulness of Kegel Balls cannot be overstated, vulva owners prefer these sex accessories to restore and maintain the power of their pelvic floor muscles. Vaginal or faecal leakages decrease as the pelvic floor muscles become more robust and vaginal health improves.

Kegels also increase vaginal blood flow and intensify orgasms. Ben Wa Balls, both vibrating and non-vibrating, will let you delve deeper into your enjoyment and boost your orgasms to new heights.

How To Prepare Your Kegel Ball:

You've come to the correct place if you have a pair of Kegel balls but need help with what to do with them.

· Your Kegel balls should be prepared for usage by:

· Use antibacterial soap to wash your hands thoroughly.

· Your Kegel balls should be cleaned in warm water with antibacterial soap before being dried with a fresh towel.

· Liberally apply water-based lubrication to make the balls accessible to implant.

How To Insert The Kegel Ball:

The real fun can start now that your Kegel balls are ready. Before entering the position, be sure to lubricate your vaginal opening liberally. Doing this will make you less likely to feel pain as you insert the Kegel balls.

1. Lay down in a relaxed position (spread eagle is often best).

2. The first ball should be inserted gradually.

3. Put that inside your vagina as well. A thin piece of string or plastic typically connects kegel balls.

4. Start slowly putting the second ball into your vagina after the string has been tucked in.

5. You should only insert the balls inside your vagina as far as is comfortable. Be sure that the removal string or loop, if your balls have one, is not inadvertently tucked in with the other balls.

6. Kegel balls should be held inside of you by your pelvic floor muscles as you carry on with your day.

(PRO TIP: After becoming accustomed to connected Kegel balls, you can purchase a set of individual Kegel balls (sans string). Even though the insertion technique is the same, you should only press or draw them back as much as you can comfortably.)

For Solo Pleasure:

Kegel balls aren't typically used in the same way that traditional sex toys are. Although you can move them in and out of your vagina, you could find that doing so makes the pain worse. They'll improve the sensation of whatever you're doing, whether clitoral rubbing or erogenous zone exploration.

Need inspiration? Kegel balls can be used in two different ways to make solo play more challenging:

· Put your Kegel balls within your vagina as you lay in bed and begin to squeeze your pelvic muscles. Start exploring your body as you become more aroused and self-lubricated.

· Get your preferred vibrator after inserting your Kegel balls. Rub your vibrator on your clitoris and the area around your vaginal opening while you squeeze.

For Partner Pleasure:

· Kegel balls might assist you and your partner in getting hotter during vaginal intercourse if you want to boost your sensitivity.

· You can do this either before you leave for your date or as the start of a vigorous round of foreplay. When it comes time for the main event, you'll be more excited the longer the balls are in.

· Remove the balls before your spouse or another toy slides in.

How To Remove Kegel Ball:

We advise utilizing Kegel Balls with a removal cord for a speedy pull-out. Apply lubricant to your vaginal opening and gradually pull the line until the Kegel Balls emerge quickly. However, detaching the balls may be challenging if you are utilising different Ben Wa Balls:

Squat comfortably, keeping your legs wide and hip-distance apart (like when you are using a tampon or menstrual cup)

To Force Them Out:

· Contract the muscles in your vagina.

· Be patient if they don't emerge the first time.

· Repeat the procedure after adding extra lubricant to your vaginal opening.

· To assist your muscles in contracting and relaxing, try coughing, getting up and moving around or jumping up and down.


1. Maintaining your hygiene requires keeping your Kegel Balls spotless. Kegel balls that aren't clean can infect your vagina with bacteria and fungi. This is a procedure for cleaning your balls after removing the Kegel Balls:

2. Clean them with a gentle soap or antibacterial toy cleaning while running them under warm water.

3. Before putting them away, ensure they are scorched by patting them dry with a fresh towel and letting them air dry for a few hours.

4. When completely dry, keep them away from direct sunlight in an airtight bag or container until you need them again.

How To Choose The Suitable Kegel Ball:

Start with a set of lightweight plastic or silicone Kegel balls if you're just getting started. Ensure sure the balls have a removal string and are fastened. Although some groups have three or more pieces, two is the norm. Always start with two and work your way up or down as you gain experience with the technique.

If you are at ease, you can switch to advance the situation:

· For more petite balls, use more giant Kegel balls.

· Connected sets for individual balls made of lighter materials like plastic or silicone for something heavier like metal or glass

· To begin, try changing one aspect, like the size. As you gain experience, you can keep incorporating additional elements.

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