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Buy Sex Toys for Men and Women at the Best Price in India

Buying sex toys has always been challenging because people feel unsafe entering stores and making purchases. We remember thinking about dates, species, Darwin, and Genesis from school. It all begins with sex. Discovering your wild side and finding a companion are the most important things. So, the best and most inconspicuous way to buy sex toys is through online stores. A beautiful private act that binds two people together emotionally and physically is sex. It is a fantastic way to have the famous orgasmic sensation whenever you want it.

Adultscare Care for you:

Despite liberation and acceptance spreading across the country, India is not yet seen as having a fully open structure. Everyone is moving along at their own pace, and we recommend buying sexual toys for healthy and joyful sexuality. As crucial as adult toys themselves are, education is also very significant. We are developing, changing, and expanding. We enjoy doing our share to ensure that everyone is free to participate in whatever kind of sexual expression. Consider sex toys like handcuffs, role-playing clothes, and sensual lingerie.

Our customer service team is highly knowledgeable, helpful, and prompt in responding to visitors' questions. Since we understand how precious these personal items are and want to leave no traces of the products' contents everywhere, we offer discrete invoicing and delivery. We provide a secure payment environment to maintain things fast and uncomplicated, ensuring individuals can safely utilize their payment alternatives.

Things to consider when making your first buy from an adult store!

We understand your hardship if this is your first time; trust us. We've always been in your position, but everything becomes clear once you realize your preferences, loves, and dislikes. You will feel scared and overpowered if you enter an adult toy store without knowing exactly what to search for (dildos, vibrators, stimulators, and other paraphernalia).

It's new to feel overwhelmed; everyone feels this way. Many body-safe healthy sex toys are likely available in the perspective you're considering going to. Sex toys are fun things to experiment with, and with our online sex toy stores, you can easily do any fun experiment.

Here is some helpful shopping advice for selecting a sex toy that meets your demands and is created entirely of safe materials for the human body.

Be patient and conduct thorough research: It's all about YOU! Don't feel pressured to choose the first toy you come across. There are certainly some well-known classics, such as the rabbit vibrator from Sex and the City, and while those remain popular, there is no all-encompassing "magic bullet" (see what I did there?). G-spot games? Scrotum plugs? BDSM instruments? Consider what makes you happy and where in your body you experience that. But you should also investigate everything that piques your interest! Don't be frightened to explore various drives and emotions.

What Conveys You To The Climax: Firstly, you must know your favorite sexy toy and what pleases you. There might be more appropriate queries to make in the store, taking other criteria into account. You should never forget that "different strokes work for different folks." That is one essential guideline for selecting an appropriate sex toy. Some women need to focus more on their clit to orgasm more frequently, powerfully, or just to orgasm. Clitoral stimulators can occasionally be helpful because not everyone can get off. So, choose a sex accessory that will stimulate your vulva. Investing in a clitoral stimulator is better than a vibrator or dildo because it focuses on deep stimulations. You can inquire as to what your favorite sex object is. So, choose a sex accessory that will stimulate your vulva. A clitoral stimulator is a better investment than a vibrator or dildo, which concentrates more on inside stimulation.

Lubricate before fun begins: Whether you're a beginner or an experienced sex toy user, lube is fantastic. With less friction, it becomes noticeably smoother and more enjoyable. We strongly suggest using water-based lubricant because it won't change the composition of sex toys. Before, there was a "rule-of-thumb" that said silicone lubrication would lead to the degradation of silicone toys. Never forget to perform the spot test first!

Popular Sex Toys & Sex Products Available at Adultscare

 All kinds of sex toys for men, women, couples, and even the LGBT, Adultscare has you covered. You may find these items in one place and use them for various situations, including your first night, honeymoon, anniversary gift for your spouse, wicked wedding gift for your best friend, and more. Sex toys are the greatest gift you can give to your partner.

Women's Sex Toys

Modern movies and technological advancements have improved female masturbation in recent years. We provide information on sex toys for women, including dildos, anal sex toys, Kegel balls, clitoral vibrators, G-spot vibrators, massager wands, and much more, to meet the growing demand and provide additional options. 

Vibrators: This is the ideal sex toy for women and is utilized for great delight. Women can choose from various vibrators, including wands for vaginal and clitoral stimulation and the Clitoral, Rabbit, Remote-controlled, and G-Spot. 
  • Sexy Lingeries: Your seductiveness could lead to a fantastic sex scenario. We also provide many baby doll dresses and lingerie to suit your figure, such as bras and panties, thongs, dresses, chemises, corsets, and stockings. Be seductive and impolite to your partner as you please! 

  • Enhancing Female Sexuality: To improve your experience of self-discovery, we provide a variety of lubricants, including silicone and water-based lubricants, as well as clitoral, vaginal, and anal creams, oils, and sprays. There are also arousal drinks, gels, and herbal and Ayurvedic supplements.  
  • Female Sexual Hygiene: Intimate sex toy cleansers, close shaving glide, aftershave spray for smooth, tight skin, and intimate whitening lotion for the anal and vaginal area are just a few of the feminine sex hygiene products we provide;
  • Kegel Balls: Ben Wa Balls are little, weighted balls inserted into the vagina for vaginal strengthening and enjoyment. 

Men Sex Toys

There are many different kinds of sex toys available for men, but finding the best ones at reasonable costs is difficult. We, therefore, offer a variety of male sex toys so that you can make an affordable choice. Anal toys in creative shapes are available to add a fresh twist to your sexual play, vibrating and non-vibrating cock rings with distinctively textured designs and other textured masturbators made of superb silicone material. Men's sex toys provide a variety of sensations and experiences, from cutting-edge prostate massagers to realistic masturbators, improving pleasure and intimacy alone or with a partner. These hidden sexual pleasure devices are designed to men's desires and cater to various inclinations, delivering a pleasurable and thrilling sexual experience.

  • Masturbators: Men's Best Friend allows you to play alone by inserting your penis inside. A male masturbator may vibrate or not, depending on its use.
  • Sex Doll:  You can touch every human body aspect with these toy humans. Sex dolls come in various genders, body kinds, and designs for more exposure. 
  • Enhancing Male Sex: Men enjoy having sex at any time of day, but it can be challenging to maintain arousal during the encounter. We provide delay sprays and creams to prevent early ejaculation to help people perform better in bed and erection sprays and lotions to address erectile dysfunction. 
  • Penis Rings: This sex accessory's primary function is to sustain a more durable and robust erection. It accomplishes this by preventing blood from flowing back to the penis. Vibrating ones can be used for sensual activities. There are rings for the penis and balls.
  • Penis Extender: This non-invasive device uses traction to enlarge your penis from its typical length. A penis sleeve will make you more significant.  

Couple Toys

Couples need a little extra spice in their daily lives. You may liven up your life by using sex toys in India. Trying something new and letting go of any inhibitions that either partner may have can be enjoyable. Before inviting your lover into your bedroom, you should try to predict their reactions. But it can also be an excellent way to surprise your lover.

  • Couples Activities: We offer any "couple bedroom games" you can imagine! Choose from various games, including card games, drinking games, bachelorettes, and more. Online sex toys in India are a blessing for couples.
  • Anal Toys: Use butt plugs if you want to have an orgasm with the aid of your anus. Anal sex gadgets can aid in eliciting an orgasm or a pleasing sensation. Anal sex toys are always good, including exciting options like Anal vibrators, Prostate massagers, and Anal beads.
  • Condoms: The most effective contraception prevents conception and significantly lowers the risk of STDs like HIV/AIDS. You can find dotted, ribbed, flavored, and ultra-thin.
  • Couples' Sexual Toys include vibrating and non-vibrating penis rings, finger sleeves, and anal gadgets designed to excite both teams.


You have complete control despite the bondage thanks to our selection of BDSM toys, such as having an extra key for the handcuffs and chastity cages and a ball gag with a hole that allows you to breathe. By using BDSM devices, you may also improve the experience by adding levels of sensory deprivation with blindfolds or by enhancing the sensory experience with soft floggers and feathers. BDSM is a big part sex toys community. Do not miss a major play.

Buy from our exclusive selection of sex and BDSM toys instead of conducting DIY experiments. We're here to spice up your sexual life with adventure and ORGASM.

One way to become independent is to discover enjoyment in oneself. However, several additional elements also make experiencing pleasure for oneself much more worthwhile than doing it via the efforts of another. Various factors, including security, guilt-free living, social concealment, and others, support the discovery of self-pleasure. Everything will work out well with our collection.

Here are Our Best Adult Toys

Dildo: The Dildo for Women was designed for penetration but has many other uses. Dildos frequently have a phallic form with a pointed end resembling a human penis. Dildos are available in various designs, fabrics, circumferences, and sizes. Several sexual experiences, including clitoral provocation, vaginal penetration, and anal penetration, can be enhanced by the usage of dildo. Dildos are currently the women's new best friends. They are usually called artificial penises since they are constructed from rubber, silicone, glass, metal, and tiny details like penis nerves and a bent penis head. All of these silicone penis toys resemble a natural penis in appearance.

Male Masturbator: Why must men always be content with whatever they get? Only because women have always had the choice of what they want to do for sex, it does not seem very nice for poor men. But why should women only have fun? Because of this, every guy needs a male masturbator by their bed. Men's masturbation toys are carefully chosen items that go above and beyond to help them have priceless orgasms. They are excellent for stunting, postponing, or accelerating your erections. Despite needing solitude, men can combine their deepest thoughts and want when using masturbator items. Products include men's sex machines, phony vaginal masturbators, and vaginal toys.

Sex Doll: A sex doll is a male-oriented pleasure thing. It is entirely human-like in appearance. It is made of an incredibly soft silicone material that feels like genuine skin. Even if they are not married, men can have the best natural sex with an excellent adult doll. Well, there are many various types of sex dolls available online in India. When developing confidence in the bedroom, an uncommon characteristic for guys in the modern world, sex dolls for men can be helpful. Our top-notch selection of remarkably lifelike sex dolls gives you the utmost sex gratification and amps up the fun factor of masturbation.

Penis Enlargement Pump: Regardless of his current size, every man wants a larger penis. To increase blood circulation and give extra inches and girth to your PP solider, our chosen penis enlargement products focus on unblocking the penis nerves and strengthening them. The tissues will become healthier and expand due to improved blood circulation. However, depending on how quickly your body reacts to tissue formation, growth varies from body to body. The process of penis growth does not, however, happen overnight. As a result, persist with the process with the proper patience.

Anal Beads: Although anal intercourse hurts, it's worthwhile. There is a saying, "IN PAIN THERE IS PLEASURE". It's crucial to choose suitable anal sex toys. Both sexes can utilize the anal beads, stimulating the nerves in the anal orifice. Women can use it to increase their vulva, while males can stimulate the prostate. Anal beads are great sex toys for beginners or those who have never tried booty play. Anal beads are a collection of tiny spheres strung together or affixed to a rod primarily for anal play. These bodies have varying sizes for novices and specialists, are composed of body-safe materials, and typically include a structural base or ring to manage the device and prevent full insertion.

Sexy Lingerie: The most Sexy lingerie for women is while going to spend time with your partner. Lingerie is not a regular bra and panties; it is much hotter than you imagine. Purchase your fantasy nightgown and lingerie for women, and enjoy playing with your selection. Your partner will go crazy for you, thanks to our fantastic collection. 

Handcuffs: Handcuffs are in many styles, designs, and sizes. They frequently restrain the submissive partner's hands and feet while the partner in command carries out the whole sexual act. BDSM is a terrific product for learning how to role-play sex and can make exploring it easier.

Different films inspire every one of us in different ways. Indian sex customs have seen a tremendous change during the past few years. We also think that foreplay is a crucial element of sex, which is why Adultscare has created a variety of sex toys in India for lovemaking that will make your special nights even more remarkable. You may now purchase bondage kits online from any location in India. By rejecting the old, boring sex and welcoming Adult India, you can spice up your life. Sex toys may now be purchased easily in India thanks to Adultscare.

Cleaning of sexual toys

Sex toys in India are trending in every generation, but to enjoy the best of it, we need to keep our sex Equipment clean. People who don't work in the medical/health, scientific, or food service industries tend to use the words clean, disinfect, sanitize, and sterilize interchangeably. Knowing their distinctions and how they affect your sex toys and, ultimately, your safety is crucial. Your sex toys must be kept clean and stored correctly to last a long time and benefit your health. While nothing is "dirty" about genitalia, bacteria, and organic debris can accumulate and spread on your toys, necessitating thorough cleaning. 

Fortunately, this is entirely avoidable; once you make it a habit of wiping them down after use, it will seem as natural as washing your hands thoroughly. Twenty seconds isn't all that horrible. This is the procedure. Use a silicone-friendly cleaning spray or another top-notch disinfectant to clean your sex toy in one of the safest methods possible:

  • Remove the batteries.
  • Wipe with a fresh towel after evenly applying the cleanser to the entire surface.
  • After a good rinse in warm water with a light soap, let it air dry thoroughly before storing it.
  • When cleaning sex toys like male masturbators, remove the inner sleeve; when it has dried completely, replace it in its case.

A non-porous sex toy material prevents bacteria from hiding, growing, and infecting you later. Even though certain materials contain tiny pores, the infection is smaller than those in those materials. Every cloth reacts differently. Understanding each item is, therefore, very useful.

  1. Toys made of metal (such as stainless steel or aluminum) are not porous. If your dishwasher offers a "Sanitize" setting, put them in the top rack without any detergent, boil them for three to five minutes, and clean them with rubbing alcohol or all three.
  2. Glass is non-porous and may be cleaned using rubbing alcohol or a toy cleaner. Take the manufacturer's directions before boiling or washing dishes. You'll want to make sure, but most glass appropriate for sex toys should endure burning and dishwasher temperatures.
  3. Silicone is non-porous and may be cleaned with dishwashing liquid, rubbing alcohol, toy cleaning, or boiling water to cleanse and disinfect it. To clean, wash prior.
  4. ABS plastic (hard plastic) can be cleaned and disinfected since it is non-porous. Rub alcohol or a toy cleaner can be used to clean it. It would be beneficial if you followed the manufacturer's instructions for boiling and washing dishes (this is probably not recommended).
  5. Health Grade Because TPE is non-porous, it can be soaked to sterilize and disinfect; boiling is typically not advised. Although using a medical-grade TPE version is uncommon for most toy manufacturers, you might find some non-medical-grade TPE IS permeable.

Sex toy cleanser:

Toy cleaners designed specifically for cleaning sex toys without harming the material are known as "sex toy cleaners." Brands use a variety of ingredients. Deionized water and gentle surfactants make up the majority of sex toy cleaners, while some may also include small amounts of fragrance and anti-fungal and anti-bacterial chemicals.

Here's how to use a sex toy cleaner:

  • If your sex toy requires plugs or a motor, remove the battery or unplug it.
  • Apply a small amount of foam or gel cleaner on your sex toy and gently rub it to cover every surface.
  • If you have a spray cleaner, spray it all over your sex object while holding the bottle a few inches away.
  • Wait a few minutes before cleaning with a new cloth or paper towel.
  • It would be wasteful if you used less cleaning. There is enough spray or spritz to go around.


  • When washing your sex toys, avoid using strong or fragrant soap.
  • After passing a sex toy, dry it with a fresh cloth rather than leaving it wet.
  • When cleaning a leather sex object, use a damp cloth or leather cleaner rather than submerging it in water.

Why it's important to clean sex toys

These microorganisms may all seem alarming. They are, so believe us. They are known to linger out and breed on toys that need to be adequately cleaned, which might be disastrous for people who enjoy playing rough yet maintain a tidy downstairs. These bacteria have the potential to harm anal and vaginal health. You must immediately after use completely clean your vibrator if you want to enjoy it without having an excruciatingly itchy one.

Why Should You Buy Adultscare Sex Toys & Accessories?

Here are some justifications for picking Adultscare:

  • Adultscare is the place to get your sex accessories since we provide several discounts for orders over Rs. 1000 and discreet delivery. Our largest sex store allows you to conveniently browse our enormous selection of sex items and adult toys.
  • Please use the website's WhatsApp number to place a purchase or to ask questions.
  • We offer the most hygienic, economical, high-quality sex accessories and sexual toys.
  • Before mailing your order, our products are examined and hygienically packaged. We also ensure our consumers receive the most excellent products possible to increase customer happiness.
  • We follow stringent client privacy and security standards when customers purchase sex toys online in India.
  • We place high importance on the discreet delivery of adult products and sexual toys, our central policy. We take care to remove all manufacturer or product identification from any sex items that are delivered to your door.
  • If you choose to purchase adult products from us, we offer first-rate customer support.

You'll be pleased each time you purchase sex toys from us because of our 100% customer satisfaction promise. We are ready to assist our loyal customers at any stage of the buying process. A single phone call will provide you with answers to all of your questions. So why persist? Let us help you live a fulfilling and pleasant sexual life. So browse and choose your preferred sex accessories at Adultscare, your go-to sex store Online.

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