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Bad Wap Story is an enticing online platform that delves into the realm of adult storytelling, offering a captivating collection of sensual tales to ignite the imagination. Bad Wap Story is renowned for its diverse and extensive compilation of erotic narratives that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Whether you are a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer to the world of adult storytelling, this platform embraces your desires and invites you to explore the realms of sensuality in a safe and inclusive space.

The allure of Bad Wap Story lies in its commitment to providing high-quality content that captivates readers and sparks their imagination. Each story is meticulously crafted, taking readers on a journey of discovery and pleasure, weaving tales that explore the complexities of desire, love, and intimate encounters. From steamy romances to taboo fantasies, Bad Wap Story offers an array of narratives that cater to diverse fantasies and interests.

This sex toy story I am going to tell you about Kritika tells us the same thing because she also got through the same phase. We have been living in the same society for decades and have known each other quite well. Her figure is 34-26-34 and yes there will be hardly any man who won’t want to fuck her.

Especially when she wears single piece dress with a long neck exposing her cleavage and short dresses that clearly show her voluptuous figure, I would want to take her clothes off and spread her legs up and bang her hard, and similarly, I would kick the shit out of any guy who would look at her. Therefore you can say that I am protective towards her and also attracted to her as well. We, on certain occasions, send snaps of one another on Snapchat. One night I sent her a snap of me in my banyan ( a sleeveless cloth worn under the shirt) to her in a casual way.

It was normal and nothing changed much till the following night when I got a snap of her wearing just a BRA that she bought from the best naughty lingerie online store in India, Adultscare. I started the screen recording to capture her as opposed to taking the screenshot so she wouldn't know. I also complained to her "Again Keerthi(I call her that) wtf, for what reason did you send me your pic like this? You sent the picture yesterday what's the matter if I send it? You're a young lady!!! You have a pair of nice attractive breasts you ought not to send out these pics I advised her. She messaged back I just sent this because it is you.

That excited me and I masturbated off to her pic multiple times that evening. From that point forward a few pics were traded among us and the following day I sent her a pic showing my exposed chest. It was a screen capture, after a couple of minutes of sending my pic I similarly got her pic. There was not a single piece of cloth or any material on her over the hips she had her small hand covering her enormous boobs. Indeed, even I took a screen capture and answered “Wow”. At this point, it was clear to each other what our intentions were. From that day I continued getting large numbers of her pics in her undergarments and I took a screenshot of all the pictures.

In one pic she was completely naked, her legs were spread wide, her bosoms lingering openly yet the lights were off. The following day I went to her home this evening and her mother disclosed to me she was in her room and I went up. Similarly, as I opened the entryway I tracked down her back confronting me and she was battling to put the shirt on. My eyes fell on the internal bend of her midsection and naturally, I put my hand on her belly and felt her warm and super soft skin. She moved out of nowhere and started to shout out loud.

I promptly fastened my hand on her mouth and advised her kindly don't shout please your mother's ground floor it'll look terrible. She took my hand off her mouth and said it's just you & I thought but not any other person. Help me out, this shirt stalled out to my earring. I went near to help her and my face was so near hers, our chests squeezing against each other. It was clear that we both wanted each other badly but no one was making the first move so I chose to go first. I went to her and said You know what else would suit better my lips on yours my face everywhere on your body and me inside you and I touched her lower lip. She said I want the same thing too and after that, we kissed each other wildly. My hands went on her hips. She took off her top and bra. This was the first time when I checked her out with completely big round breasts and hard and erect nipples. I took those hard nipples into my mouth and massaged them with my tongue around her areolas. She took it in profoundly. I pushed my hands inside her underwear and felt a thick layer of pubes.

At that point, she said you have to go and do your move first and satisfy me, do anything you desire baby I'm all yours. also, I stood up and kissed everywhere all over. At that time I licked her navel, areolas, hands, legs, and thighs. I lifted both her arms and licked her fingers and armpits. I turned her around and went straight down licking till I contacted her butt. My tongue went over her anal region, and then onto her vagina and she shivered. It took me around 5 minutes of eating her cunt to make her cum. By then she said I'm feeling nasty with sticky cum, wanna have a bath with me?? Also, she went inside the shower and turned it on, and pulled me inside by my dick.

My dick was drilling her love hole whereas my tongue was exploring that sweet mouth of hers! Using one hand I pinched her nipples hard and this stimulated her even more causing her to reach another orgasm.

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