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Kayden Kross Masturbator Girls Men Sex Toys

Kayden Kross Masturbator Girls Men Sex Toys


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Porn star Kayden Kross Masturbator Girls toy for men



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Take your favourite Penthouse porn star to bed with Kayden Kross' very own Fleshlight. Made from SuperSkin and lined with explosive textures for a deep penetration ride to a thrilling climax whenever you so please.

With the eager to please Kayden Kross on hand whenever you want her, there's no relying on your man hands to satisfy your cravings for tight pussy.

Place your lifelike SuperSkin insert into warm water before you begin your session with Kayden to bring it to body-temperature for an extra-genuine experience.

Keep Kayden's tight vagina moist and ready for action with a good squeeze of water-based sex lube and maintain its lifelike quality and finish with renewer powder after cleaning.

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