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Sexy Booty Ass Sex Masturbator

Sexy Booty Ass Sex Masturbator


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There are two holes – anus and pussy – with realistic lips and textures. Both are slightly different and give different sensations. This sex toy includes:

Life-Like Flesh Ass/Vagina Sex Doll

Free Sex Toy Lubricant

Weight .3kg


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A life-like ass designed for your own needs - Realistic shape, with rounded butt cheeks, perfect for anal and vaginal penetration.Featuring two intensely textured vaginal and anal tunnels that will grip your length with every thrust, this realistic butt will allow you to change the holes during your play sessions, offering you multiple sexual options.This real-feel toy will grip and caress your manhood, allowing you to get creative and play with it the way you enjoy the most. 

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