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Everything You Need To Know About Buying And Owning A Sex Machine

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Everything You Need To Know About Buying And Owning A Sex Machine 21

An automatic sex machine is a special device for fun that moves by itself to give pleasure. It has different settings and parts for various experiences. Anyone can use it for a unique and exciting time.

Embarking on the thrilling journey into the realm of sex toys often revolves around the familiar buzz of vibrators and the discreet pleasures of male masturbators. However, for those seeking a more substantial investment and a serious upgrade to their intimate escapades, sex machines emerge as the unsung heroes of pleasure, ushering in an entirely new dimension of satisfaction.

Stay with us as we unravel the intriguing world of sex machines and explore why they deserve a prime spot in your discussions about innovative adult toys.

What is a Sex Machine?

A sex machine is a mechanical pleasure device that replicates the sensations of sexual encounters, primarily focusing on the rhythmic thrusting experience. Any pleasure device with automated thrusting actions falls under the umbrella of a sex machine.

At the heart of its design lies a versatility that distinguishes it from conventional sex toys. This pleasure device features both vibrating and non-vibrating components, multiple thrusting settings, and the ability to be positioned in various ways. This allows users to experience penetration in multiple positions, speeds, and modes and even control the penetration depth, adding an extra layer of personalization to the experience.

In essence, a sex machine transcends the limitations of traditional sex toys by offering a comprehensive and dynamic experience. Its automated thrusting actions, coupled with the speed, attachment types, and vibrating functions, create a versatile toolkit for users to indulge in their unique desires and preferences.

Who Is a Sex Machine For?

Contrary to common portrayals in adult entertainment, sex machines cater to a diverse audience beyond cisgender women. Individuals of any gender or anatomy can explore the pleasures they offer, with options for a vagina, penis, butt, and clitoris. While these machines may not fit into your bedside drawer due to their size, they compensate with unparalleled power, customization, and functionality, allowing you to use them in your masturbation sessions or explore BDSM fantasies and kinks.

What to Look For in a Sex Machine

Fucking sex toys offer a diverse landscape of options catering to different desires, kinks, and preferences. Powered by motors, they bring a heightened sexual experience, which is why it’s important to choose a sex machine that will allow you to get to know your body better. Here are some things that will help you narrow down the options:

      Type: Sex machines come in different types, each offering something special. Here's a quick look:

      Motorized sex saddles: Sex saddles are motorized sex machines that let you switch between different attachments, anything from a sexy pink dildo to a clitoral stimulator, allowing you to keep your clothes on while you enjoy the vibrations.

      Manual sex machines: Similar to saddles, these machines involve mounting, but the twist is that they respond to your body's movements, allowing you to control the speed and intensity of penetration with your own motions. Compatible with various accessories, they offer a range of options for personalized pleasure.

      Thrusting sex machines: These machines automate thrusting, and you can find options from compact, portable toys to sturdy, freestanding devices.

      Stroking sex machines: Stroking sex machines offer automatic strokes, allowing you to enjoy hands-free playing. Whether you prefer speed or a slower pace, these machines don't tire out.

      Power Play: Determine your preference – hard and fast or slow and gentle strokes. Various machines cater to different intensity levels, ensuring your desires are met.

      Price: While sex machines can lean towards the pricey end, options vary. Identify the features you desire in a machine to make a well-informed purchase.

      Storage: Depending on the chosen type, be prepared to allocate space for storage. Floor-standing machines, while impressive, may require dedicated room.

      Stimulation style: Clarify your preference between thrusting and vibrations. Understanding your desired sensations helps narrow down the plethora of choices.

      Material: Consider the construction materials. From robust metals like aluminum and steel to inflatable PVC or lightweight hard plastic, each material has its unique characteristics, influencing the machine's weight and feel.

How to Use a Sex Machine

Using a sex machine can be a thrilling adventure, and mastering the art involves a few steps. To help you ease your way into it and ensure every session is enjoyable, here’s a step-by-step guide for using a sex machine:

Step 1: Set The Mood

Elevate your experience with some sexy ambiance. Dim the lights, play sensual music, and engage in some foreplay. Whether caressing your breasts, kissing your partner, experimenting with temperature play, or teasing your clit, a bit of foreplay adds to the excitement before letting the sex machine take charge.

Step 2: Prepare The Sex Machine

Set up the machine in an area that will allow you to freely explore its features and move without any obstructions. Ensure the sex machine is fully charged for uninterrupted action.

Step 3: Lube Up

Don’t forget to use plenty of lubricant whenever you engage with a sex toy. Even if you’re aroused, add lubricant for a smoother, more comfortable experience. Apply it generously on yourself and the sex toy to prevent any discomfort or mishaps.

Step 4: Start Slow

If you’re a novice user, ease into the experience by starting at a slower thrusting setting. Let your body adjust to the material and position. Gradually increase the rhythm, penetration depth, and vibration intensity for maximum pleasure.

Step 5: Explore

Once settled, dive into different positions or introduce other toys. Experiment with restraints, nipple clamps, or delve into internal pleasures with anal plugs or beads. Let curiosity guide you as you savor the journey.

How to Maintain and Clean a Sex Machine

Like any other sex toy, your sex machine requires thorough cleaning before and after every session. Pay extra attention to the insertable part, especially if it's made of porous materials like Cyberskin, rubber, or plastic. A clean cloth, water, and antibacterial soap will do the trick if it's crafted from non-porous materials like silicone or metal. If you want to submerge it in water, double-check if any vibrating parts are waterproof before the deep dive.

The non-insertable parts need love, too. Grab a damp towel and disinfect every surface that might have encountered bodily fluids. Different materials may require varying drying times, so make sure everything is dry before storing your sex machine in a cool, dry spot.


Sex machines aren’t just sex toys; they are gateways to an enriched, empowered, and personalized sexual journey. Whether you seek self-discovery, partner play, or the fulfillment of BDSM fantasies, sex machines open doors to diverse pleasures and experiences. Embrace the pleasure, embrace the exploration, and let your desires guide you through this electrifying adventure. 

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