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List of different kinks & fantasies you must explore

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List of different kinks & fantasies you must explore 20

Disclaimer: This Page section is for mature audiences who are adults 18 years and above. If you are below 18, Please close the website. View at your discretion.

List of different kinks & fantasies you must explore

Once Roger from the show American Dad stated “Somewhere deep down everyone’s got a kink!”

But, do you know what exactly a kink is? Kink is defined as an “unusual sensual taste in sexual behavior”. This could range from anything such as whipping, and foot fetish to spanking, and anal pleasure.

The kink list is split into 3 categories:  BDSM kinks, Vanilla kinks, and extreme kinks.

1)  Vanilla kinks are those that are gentle and most couples find it easy to try

2) BDSM kinks, on the other hand, are a little bit more extreme sex acts that include elements of bondage play and BDSM stuff

3)  Extreme kinks are risky and wild sexual practices

A few acts in Vanilla Kicks are:

1)  Roleplay sex- The role-play sex refers to the various scenarios that you can see in the 1970’s porn movies. A few examples include a nurse who seduces the young patient or a car mechanic who fixes the car and gets a sultry reward.

2)  Sexy dress and lingerie  - No matter if it is a sweaty jockstrap or lacy underwear, these erotic outfits can easily cause sexual arousal and can make the kinky juices flow in no time.

3)  Magical Fingering – It refers to the horny act in which a man puts his fingers in the pussy and anal for providing her sexual pleasure.

4)  Oral sex-  Clit massaging, vaginal licking, 69, and blow jobs are the most common form of having sex. A lot of women like watching them giving oral sex to them while interlocking lips and making eye contact at the same time.

5)  Sensual Ticking – It is technically called Knismolagnia, in which a person tickles another one. It is really fun and a great way to get your partner turned on instantly.

6)  Chastity play - Also known as orgasm denial, is a play in which one partner sexually stimulates another one until he or she is close to orgasm and stops exactly before they reach the climax. Most often this play is combined with bondage, but you can enjoy it in a Vanilla kink way as well.

7)  Erotic Massage – This play includes massaging your partner while he/she is naked. You can order SILK TOUCH SEX OIL from the Adultscare website and use it to massage the naughty body parts of your partner.

8)  Mirror sex – Has it ever occurred to you that you have seen yourself in the mirror while making love to your partner? Believe me, it is really fun to watch you and your partner engage in mutual kinky relationships. You can utilize sex toys for women such as dildos, vibrators, and lubricants to give more spice to your already sexy mirror sex.

9)  Try unusual sex positions that you never tried – You can explore reverse cowgirl and pillow sex as these are comfortable options to seek sexual pleasure.

10) Anal intercourse - Many men and women enjoy the fun of anal sex, no matter whether they are gay, straight, or anything else. Many people say anal douching is necessary before indulging in anal douching, but no it’s not true. A proper bath with a shower, lots of water or silicone-based lube, and soap are enough to prepare you for anal sex.

11)  Sex toys in India – Many women love using sex toys in the bedroom. They use them while their partner penetrates them, while some use them for masturbation purposes, some wear vibrators under their underwear to get pleasure on the go, and much more.

BDSM Kinks

The bondage or BDSM sex acts usually contain activities revolving around power exchange in most kinky ways. The dominant controls the submissive by using aesthetic things like strap-on dildos, latex, and crotchless underwear in consensual sexual ways.

Exchange of power – Refers to the relationship between master and slave in which the master gives slave training to the submissive about various aspects of life that slaves have to obey.

Chastity play – it involves using a sex toy for men like penis chastity on the genitals and the person can only reach orgasms when his/her master allows him to do so.

Rough sex- Hair pulling, pussy ramming, pounding, spanking, and more wild sex acts are loved by many people around the world.

Rape desires- Almost 65% women desire of rape fantasies sometimes. Both men and women can experience these fantasies. This kind of “mutually agreeable non-consent” allows your partner to rape under certain circumstances.

Facesitting – Also known as queening, is a sexual play in which a girl sits on the face of her partner so he can lick her pussy and anal region. You can include wearing adult products like face vibrators and dildos on your face to fuck your women with your face.

Gang bang - Group sex, gang bang, and other orgies are sexy kinks for several people across the globe, anyhow you must be careful while engaging in gang bang acts with strangers.

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