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Buy Women Massagers Online in India

Massagers are simply sex toys for women that add more pleasure during masturbation or sex with your partner. It always increases fun and enjoyment. They can provide clitoral stimulation during your intimacy, which leads to more satisfaction. According to research, 80% of women require clitoral stimulation to have the full power of orgasm, which dildos and vibrators miss, but massagers never miss their g spots. Massagers can relax your body and give you orgasms as well. 

Our products are travel-friendly if noise is a consideration as well. It whispers pretty well, so vibe away no matter where you are. You can do different experiments and live your fantasies which you may be shy to share with your partner. Finding your G-spot is one of the most challenging parts, and with sex toys, you can find them and secretly tell your partner, or sometimes you also have a little by yourself. You can also browse through our collection of Breast care products and Vagina Care products.

Nowadays, people are so inspired by all the series and movies to buy and use these toys, which is good, because people are open about their sex life and willing to try new things leads to healthy and stable relationships. Studies say if your sexual life is good, there are fewer chances of broken relationships, and adding spice with a massager is a great choice.


The history of massagers is exciting, and you need to learn about it. In the initial days, Massagers were used as medical devices, developing unreasonable opinions of sexuality during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The propagation was so fierce that it led women to undergo stress and hysteria due to sexual discretion. When such women went to doctors for therapy, stimulation therapy was used. Physicians performed clitoris stimulation, which was not considered an act of sex, so women decided to take to such treatment, resulting in women feeling revived and energized without guilt. Though several hand-made instruments were used originally, in 1902, an electric-powered massager was invented. Doctors used an electric vibrating massage to boost penetration. Soon, it began to ease tension and relax sore muscles. But soon, people began to use it for their pleasure, and ultimately, it became a sex toy. Now massagers are used by millions of young men and women for sexual gratification and experience intensified pleasure during lovemaking or self-pampering. 

7 Ways To Treat Yourself With Massager:

Massagers are super adaptable, creating an indisputable champion no matter what kind of stimulus you like. And because it is so different, you can choose several different ways to use it!

1. Body Massage: 

For the intent it was supposedly created, use your favorite massager to massage sore or tired muscles or get some pain relief when you need it most.

2. Hit The Erogenous Zones: 

There are so many known erogenous zones, like the scruff of the neck, the inner thighs, and behind the knees... grab your massager and get yourself warmed up by stroking these hot zones.

3. Partner Play:

Take turns massaging one another in the most comfortable or arousing spots. A massage can be a sensual experience, as touch is one of the most effective feelings. Use your massagers or hot massage oil to tease and please your partner. 

4. Nipple Stimulation:

When a woman's nipples are evoked, the same brain area is triggered as when her clitoris is. That means that the nipples are a honey spot to boost arousal. With a massager, you can mock the nipples to glorify your sexual pleasure before going downtown. 

5. Clitoral Stimulation: 

The prevalence of women need some clitoral instigation to climax. And a massager provides a less fierce, more comprehensive kind of stimulation. This is great as it can help to get the blood flowing and bring you to orgasm at your swiftness, vibrational speed, and pressure. 

6. Pole & Scrotum Stimulation:

A massager isn't just for her! You can stimulate the shaft, the scrotum, and the underneath of the cock for an exhilarating foreplay ride. Now, you can have solo and couple fun whenever you want. Add a bit of oral simultaneously, and he'll be in seventh heaven. 

7. Perineum Stimulation: 

The perineum is the area between the vaginal opening and the anus in women and the scrotum and the anus in men. This area is rife with nerve endings, making it a considerable pleasure zone to stimulate with a wand vibrator.

How To Store or Clean Massager:

Correct cleaning, use, and storage will keep you functioning optimally, help you avoid possible damage, and provide a safe and satisfying adventure. Here are some tips on how to keep your massager in shape.

• Self-Cleaning: 

Our cleaning product contains Aloe Vera. This non-foaming toy cleaner is fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and has no Glycerin, Parabens, Alcohol, Triclosan, or other harsh chemicals. Detour soaps that include lubricants or moisturizers, as they can break down the product. Some studies have also proven that the unnecessary use of anti-bacterial soap has lessened its effect. That is why it is recommended to use a sex toy cleaner for better products and longer results.

• Storage:

Before storing your massager, washing them and allowing them to dry thoroughly is crucial. Doing this is essential to avoid the growth of mold and mildew. Once covered, toys can be stored together in a drawer or another desired location. Intense temperatures can cause product destruction. Store your precious mates in a cool and dark place.

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