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Kegel Exercise Weight Ball

Kegel Exercise Weight Ball


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Product features: 
1.Scientific theory, exercise system 
2.Based on Kegel exercise theory system and physic scientific exercise 
3.Made up from silicone, soft care female secret place 
4.progressive training procedures, reduce female exclusivity 

How to use: 
1. Please first use mild water to clean the ball and the silicone ring belt 
2. Next use towel or lint-free linen to tap to dry 
4. And place the water-soluble lubricant into the ball
5. Then hold up the ball which closed with silicone belt, and laying down, push it into body slowly
6. At last hold the silicone belt and clean it after using.

Training procedures: 
--please use single ball 44g for the first time 1-2weeks.
--please use double balls 744g during 2-3weeks.
--please use double balls 102g during 1 month.

Kindly Notice: 
1.-Disinfect the product before using.
2.-Usage:keep a relaxed posture,slowly put it in a place at least 2cm away from below orifice,and make sure that the bottom ball is totally pushed over the pelvic floor muscle.Keep 10-30 minutes for each exercise. 
3.-Clean up and store it in a dry place after using.

❤❤❤Have a happy life!!!.

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