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How about we pay a visit for a trip in "Saddi Dilli". Delhi is probably the best place in India to be at (no matter what the climate conditions are), this city has everything to offer, truly everything. Delhi has a rich legacy - National Protected Monuments, World Heritage places. Metro being the lifebelt of Delhi and It's most likely a thing to be gloated about.

You will see India's most attractive young ladies here. This city is loaded with style and glamour. Local Markets like Janpath, Sarojini Nagar, Palika Bazar and many more are best places to shop at cheaper prices. Stroll down to chandni chowk for delicious parathas to non–veg food in old Delhi. The list continues endlessly. This place is a paradise for romantic lovers and foodies.

Both Men and women in Delhi are quite straight forward and very bold when it comes to sexual fantasies. They have a specific vibe that only a Delhite knows about. They're frank and won't care about being judged. Any open discussion on Sex isn't considered as a "Taboo", the adolescent are now going through new spheres of sexuality.

Young youth of Delhi is queuing up for salsa dance lessons where they adapt great moves and take sexual encounters to a next level. As per the survey conducted, around 50 % of women have said "NO" that they need to love their partner before having sex with them. This represents how bold and confident today's women are they are very open with regards to sexual delights; they have accepted the sex Toys in India and products are even catering to much bigger crowd than ever before. A person here will be bold and open enough to talk discuss about the new experiments they would anticipate from their partners and a lady transparently talks on how she needs her person to give her sexual satisfaction and have the stamina to keep going longer in bedroom. This is the thing that Delhi is all about. One should feel glad for this open minded culture.

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