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Hi visitors, I am 21 years of age with a sturdy and muscular body and with a tallness of 5'10″. I do normal exercises, work out on a regular basis, and have kept up my physical appearance throughout the long term of hard work.

This story I am going to tell you about today is the occurrence that took place 3 years ago in November. It was Diwali season and fifteen days before that, my mother and father needed to leave for the village because of some family feud in regard to the primogenitor's property. I was unable to go with them because, after Diwali, I would have my assessments for the semester, and I did not want to miss my preliminary exams at all in my coaching class.

Since I was a topper in my class, my parents were worried about leaving me alone. My mom and day taught me almost everything and I also knew how to cook. The day finally came up when my parents had to leave for the village. I went to drop them at the railway station in the evening and got back home at around 9 pm. I thought that I should arrange some food from the local eatery so I can eat it when I arrive home. Since I was feeling hungry, I arrived at my home, watched some videos, and went to the bathroom to get freshened up.

After placing the order, I started to track my order and at that point, I followed up on my order and it showed that it would take 10 minutes from being delivered. I filled up my glass with a few drinks that were stored in my dad's small bar fridge and started to browse the best sex toys for men on the Adultscare website.  On my tablet. It was some hot big tits milf film playing on the tablet, which I was extremely excited to watch. After this, I was simply scrolling through Instagram posts on my Smartphone and drinking from my glass of scotch.

Unexpectedly, the doorbell of my door rang, and the delivery guy was standing at the entryway. I took my food package and completed the payment of the bill. After this, I ate my food, had some dessert, cleaned my bed, and went to take a rest. As the following day was Sunday, I was tranquil to get my rest and get things done at a relaxed speed.

Our society's board had contracted out the collection of trash to a garbage man and outside cleaners. Thus, each day at 8 AM, the garbage collector and cleaners come house to house to our home and gather the trash.

On my floor, there are a total of 3 flats that include our own. One of the flats in the front was vacant and no one was living there. In the other flat, there stayed a recently hitched couple as residents. They leave for work ahead of schedule early in the morning.

I went to the bathroom for my shower and out of nowhere, my doorbell rang. I was in the shower, I wrapped my towel around my waist, came out of the bathroom, and turned around to open the door of my house. The water on my body was still flowing down and splashing into my towel. I heard the sweet voice of a female, shouting, "Kachra." I came to know who she was from the shout and got to know about what its identity was and brought the dustbin closer to the doorway and opened the door.

There was a lady in her 40s wearing salwar kameez. She had a fine-colored skin tone and she was having a good figure. She was fashionable and had covered herself with a dupatta, leaving her head uncovered. She was constantly staring at me, seeing me wearing just a towel and not wearing anything on the top. Since I used to do ordinary exercises, I had a fit-built body with some muscles.

The water of high temperature flowing down on my body recently made that situation very comfortable. I opened the entryway and forced the dustbin towards her so she can place the trash into the dustbin, which she had kept in the gallery. I finished putting it inside and gazed straight at her and we were building an eye-to-eye connection with one another.