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Electric Penis Pump Automatic Penis Enlargement

Electric Penis Pump Automatic Penis Enlargement


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Penis enlargement doesn’t have to be expensive like medical surgeries. Place your order and start seeing results without even stepping out of your home.

Enlarges your penis girth and length

Improves your sex power

Gives you strong and full erections

No side effects compared to pills

Easy to operate and safe to use

The Can win elect


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Canwin Electric Penis Pump Automatic Penis Enlargement Vacuum Pump is safe to use. It is made from medically tested and approved materials. This penis enlargement pump will most definitely extend your penis length as well as increase the duration of your erection.

Did you know that the penis is 50% smooth muscle? Therefore, when you exercise with this pump, the muscles grow and expand. Thus, you get to have a big, long, healthy penis. More important, there are no side effects when you apply the instructions carefully.

When you use Canwin electric penis pump, it creates a vacuum around your organ. The pressure of the vacuum (safely) extends your penis, allowing the blood flow to run freely. With the blood in your penis, the erection is inevitable. The principle also applies to other muscle training and bodybuilding workouts. So, it is scientifically proven and perfectly safe!

Product Specifications:

Quantity: 1 piece

Material: Silicon, ABS, PVC

Size: 70 mm x 225 mm (diameter x height)

Key Features

High-quality tube made of durable ABS material.

Ergonomic design for easy assembling.

Easy clean up with warm water and soap.

Includes electric power controller.

Easy to store, and you can take it anywhere.

Includes transparent cylinder

Scale to measure your progress.

Supporting 3 pcs AAA batteries (Not included)

Medical grade silicone cape

Product Description

Using this technology gives you a high rate sexual performance that you can only think of. So, you start building on what you already have and just improve upon it. This is more safe as opposed to starting from zero with the quick fix called the little blue pill.

So, how does it work? The pressure usually increases inside the vacuum when there’s no air. This principle made this a physically safe way to exercise the penile muscles. To illustrate, in a normal pressure environment, the blood cell shrinks because of inactivity.

On the other hand, under pressure, the blood cell expand to accommodate more oxygen. Furthermore, it is while resting that the real improvement happens. So, make sure to get adequate rest.

The ligaments in your penis are similar to the “compression ring.” Most guys can’t get a stretch to the fullest potential. With Canwin electric penis pump, you can achieve that. Moreover, every time you stretch and keep stretching, your ability for good erections also increase.


Detach the power controller from the cylinder to insert the batteries.

Please ensure that the battery compartment is tightly fitted and secured. Also, check that the batteries poles coordination is correct.

Insert your penis into the vacuum tube, make sure the rubber ring is close to your body.

How to Operate The Buttons

1. Function Buttons – Press the function button depending on what you need to work on.

2. Power button – Contains four press operations

One-time press: The first (low) pressure level.

Two-time press: The second (medium) pressure level.

Three-time press: The third (high) pressure level.

Four-time press: Power off.

3. Air release button – Located below the power button, use it to release air.

Tips for Best Use

Release the air by continually pressing gently. Heavy pressing or pushing hard will prevent the air from releasing. You need to press not squeeze the button, softly.

For first use, it is strongly advised to use brand new batteries. If the pump doesn’t work, check the batteries and the energy level of the batteries.

After you start the pump and reach a comfortable level of pressure, stop the pump, and enjoy extending your penis.

Start with the low-level pressure. In the case of pain or discomfort (instantly) power off the machine. Wait for your penis to recover and try again. In short, it should be an enjoyable experience.

If you feel some pain, it indicates that something is wrong and you better find out what it is. By reading and following the instructions, you can avoid all suffering.

Upon reaching a maximum erection, you can pull out and finish the training.

You might exhaust your penis by over-training. So, we advise that you train in moderation to see the best results.

To avoid leakage, make sure that your penis is fit in the rubber cap. Otherwise, keep training until you feel satisfied with the results.

How About The Results

Penis fitness is real. So, continue using the Can win electric penis pump and you’ll eventually see great results. As your penis muscle tissues expand, they will be grow so they can hold more blood. The result, your penis will be able to stay hard for a longer time.

As long as you keep practicing, your size will increase. Moreover,  dedicate time and effort so it improves your sexual endurance and stamina. This also improves your ejaculation if you suffer from PE or erectile dysfunction.

Also, a big penis isn’t the real goal. The real goal is for you to maintain excellent penile health.

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