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  • Hygienically cleans & rejuvenates adult toys.


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In the modern-day world, sex toys have become an integral part of an active sexual life. These products are prone to get infected with a variety of fungus, mildew, and viruses. The Adult Toy Cleaner is the ideal anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner as it ensures no nasty smells develop on your pleasure devices.

There is no added fragrance and the easy to use spray disinfectant cleanses any adult toy without making it sticky. It eliminates unnecessary chemicals and if used on a regular basis, this spray will keep your devices fresh and scent free. Most mature adults in the modern world have at least a few goodies in their chest and this product ensures you get the best experience from them for the longest amount of time. Many soaps and sanitizing sprays are made with ingredients that will decay your adult items or harm your body’s most intimate spots. Our ingredients, however, are specially designed to ensure longevity without any harsh harmful chemicals for your body. The easy to use spray is the perfect sanitizing germ killer for all common sex toy materials like silicone, rubber, plastic, etc. All you have to remove your batteries or unplug your device and spray a little of the anti-bacterial toy cleaner onto your device. Then, you must use warm water to wash off the disinfectant spar and dry with a towel.

The Adult Toy Cleaner is made with a non-toxic and non-irritating formula that was created to provide a quick and safe cleansing of your pleasure tools.

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