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Hot Fashion Faux Leather Whips and Rivets for Costume kit

Hot Fashion Faux Leather Whips and Rivets for Costume kit


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About the product

  • Name Spanking Floggers whips
  • Material Faux leather
  • Size Whip length: 23"; Handle length: 2.3"
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • perfect gift for the Lover, Special Holidays, Cosplay


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The SM Whip is the perfect item that is as a cream topping on the sponge cake of your dominatrix exploration! 

Sting the pleasure right through your lover by engaging this incredibly sexy and high quality whip! Without a doubt, this whip is your sure access to the borderless bliss that bondage play holds. This product is made exquisitely to inspire all the naughtiest thoughts of domination and authority. It comes with a carefully woven handle that is made to fit perfectly into the clefts of your hand. It is handcraft, and carefully orchestrated to channel all your passion through its 56 cm length directly to where you want it to be. 

The exceptional construct of this product features a sturdy wrist loop that ensures that the whip is securely held together during your bondage play sessions. It also comes with a conspicuously pleated handle. This handle has long pink strips thoughtfully made from the finest faux leather, all put together to create a great product. 

Administer gentle kisses of passion or a wild ravaging sting of resplendent pleasure with this great playtime gear. Who knows? It could just become the highlight of your entire collection of BDSM play things. 

This whip’s purely wicked design and attractive all pink look is built to serve and to last. Do you like being spanked? Would you like to subdue your lovely ‘pet’ with it? Then the SM Whip is your ideal option. Get yours now and let it help you communicate your reward or punishment to your pet, great pleasure is guaranteed without a doubt.

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