Super Dooz 34000 Delay Spray For Men

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Delay spray for men to enhance the sexual performance and allows delay in male orgasm

About Girik Super Dooz 34000 Delay Spray For Men

Girik Super Dooz 34000 delay spray is mostly used by couples in bed to delay their ejaculation times. Generally, people use a specially designed climax delay condom to achieve the same kind of delayed pleasure. However, the biggest downside of this is that many couples do not prefer using a condom during their experience of lovemaking. Hence, a condom will not be suitable in these kinds of situations.

People generally use delay sprays like Girik Super Dooz 34000 delay condoms mainly for 2 reasons. The first reason is that they want to feel the real sensitivity and nothing should come between them and second, they would like to extend their duration of pleasure as long as possible.

Girik Super Dooz 34000 spray is the best delay spray for men. This delay spray contains lidocaine, which is used as the ejaculation delay lubricant. Lidocaine is a specially formulated chemical that helps men, who are facing the problem of premature ejaculation.

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