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Romeo Thrusting And Rotating With Suction Cup Heating and Remote

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Romeo Thrusting And Rotating With Suction Cup Heating and Remote


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1. Rated voltage 3.7V, rated current 8A

2. Material: Liquid silicone 3. Waterproof: life waterproof

4.Charging time: about 2 hours to full, can be used continuously for

about 45-60 minutes

5. Remote control battery: 3V CR2032

Vibrator 1

Charging cable*1 Remote control*1


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Operating Instructions (Choose the combination of modes you want): Note: Before using the remote control, please start the trusting dildo through the button at the bottom of the trusting dildo.

1. Remote Control Mode

1.1 Turn on the dildo with remote control

Open the battery compartment to remove the protective film on the battery, and insert the battery according to the+-pole. Short press the ON/OFF button of the remote control, and the remote standby mode

will be activated after the light prompt which means the dildo can be controlled with a remote control.

1.2 Turn off the dildo with remote control When in standby or use mode, long press

the ON/OFF button 2 of the remote control to turn off the dildo. When the dildo has a vibration prompt and the light goes out, it means the power of the dildo is off.

1.3Select Thrusting & Rotation Functio Short press thrusting /vibration button to cycle through the thrusting

and vibration mode. 5 thrusting and rotation modes can be selected.

1.4Select Vibration Function Short press the ON/OFF3 button to start the remote control mode,

you can select the vibration mode by short pressing the button again,

10 vibration modes can be selected.

1.5Select Heating Function

Short press the heating button@ to start the heating function.

2.Manual Mode

Step1 Press the power button on the button of the dildo to start the


Step2 After starting, short press the button on the button of the dildo to cycle to adjust the required mode. Step3 Press and hold for the power button three seconds to turn off the dildo.

3. Charging method

Connect the charging cable to the USB charging head (you can use the mobile phone charging head or bring your own), suck the magnetic charging head to the magnetic charging port on the back of thepenis testicle. The red light flashes to indicate charging

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