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Hello guys! My name is Chander Parkash and I am 27 years old. I am currently residing in Hyderabad. Today, I am going to tell you a real story about myself and the women who live in the neighbourhood. She workings in a private company and she is a divorcee. She has 2 kids whom she needs to take care of and she is an independent woman who loves her family. She is 38 years old and she has to manage her household expenses so she is working in a company.

She has a fantastic figure and the size is 36-28-36 and no matter what dress she wears she looks fabulous in every dress. She had a big and cute ass and her daughter was young and she looked most like her mother. If I saw her eyes I could see the amazing sex drive she has and how wild she would be in the bed. But, she never paid much attention to me and I never even wondered that she could even oppose me about the things I like to do to her.

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One day I saw her from the window of my house and knowing that she was home, I went to her home to see and meet her. Due to some reason, she did not go to work that day and both of her kids were not home as they had to go to their school for studies, so I got to know that she was all alone in her home. She was wearing a black slim saree and she was looking really hot and attractive. The blouse she was wearing was small and I could not help myself to notice her big breasts trying to pop out of the sides of the blouse. I could see her cleavage and when she saw me she offered me a cup of tea and some snacks but I refused her offer. But, still, she went to the kitchen to make tea for me. 

While she was making tea in the kitchen I was sitting on her bed and watched the TV and suddenly I switched to the channel where her favourite song was being played, she heard the song and before she could come to the room, I quickly changed the channel. She insisted I open the same channel where the song of Rekha’s film was being played, so I did what she said. She was very happy about listening to her favourite song. She made the time and while giving me the tea, it fell on my thighs and it almost burnt my leg. She got nervous and got scared thinking about me. So I quickly went to the bathroom and pour the glass of cold water on my thighs where the hot tea was spilled and I asked her for a piece of cloth but she could not find any and she suddenly started to clean it with the pallu of her saree.

Oh man, when she took her pallu out, I could see her boobs clearly and they were so big and juicy and they were almost touching my knees while she was cleaning my pant and I was so turned her with her touching me and my cock was erect like a solid rock. She kept on cleaning and she went up to clean around my waist as well and now her tits were touching my thighs and I could not control myself so I grabbed her big breasts and pressed them hard and she shouted. After that, I came close to her and gave her the French kiss while grabbing and massaging her boobs and nipples. My lips were locked up with her lips and we were playing together with each other’s tongues and we continuously did that for about 8-10 minutes. I bit her lips and she did the same to me. 

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After this, I took my cock out and she wasted no time in grabbing it and gave me the head after we stopped kissing. She massaged it with her soft hands and started to suck my cock like it was a lollipop and it was feeling so good. I was wondered if I would be having a sex toy like a clit massager I would be able to give her the same level of pleasure.

She did not stop sucking my cock for 5 minutes continuously and I was massaging her boobs and pussy same as Brazzers videos. She suddenly bit my penis slightly and I pressed the nipples hard due to which she shouted and she was very horny. I laid down on the bed and she started undressing and then she undressed me. I was laying on the bed upside down and she was kissing all over my body and giving me a passionate massage and then she laid down and I gave her the massage and rubbed some ice on her body parts like neck, nipples, and pussy. While running, the piece of ice slides into her pussy and she creamed because of an icy sensation and she said she felt really good. So, I took more ice and put ice into her pussy, and started to lick it with my tongue and she was extremely wet and juices were flowing out of her pussy. She was saying loudly, “eat my pussy hard” and she was pressing my head towards her pussy and I licked her hard and I also bit her pussy with my teeth.

While my both hands pressing her boobs and tongue in her pussy, she was screaming with pleasure and fingered her pussy and penetrated it with my cock. I made her bent over the slab of the kitchen while I was fucking her from the back. That was the best moment of my life which I could never forget.