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Will sex machines replace men in the future?

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Will sex machines replace men in the future? 30

When there is any talk about the sex toys such as vibrators and sex machines, the primary topic of the conversation mostly resorts to the choices available for men; sex machines with mysterious human looks; automatic glory holes are specially designed to provide the experience of receiving a blowjob; whorehouses filled with fembots instead of real prostitutes. But, on very rare occasions we talk about women using sex machines for pleasure, or if the girls are even interested in engaging in sexual relations with a sex doll to start with.

There is a possibility that it all can change, however with the advent of high-tech sex tools like Cowgirl and sex accessories like ride-on automatic dildos, women can achieve orgasms whenever they want. Cowgirl sex tool is very small in size almost the same size as a microwave and offers a saddle-like seat fitted with a rubber strap. People who prefer to experience g-spot stimulation can replace the rumble strip with a strap-on dildo that users can purchase from our exclusive online adult shop like Adultscare.com.

Alicia Sinclair, the sex educator, and sex toy expert told Men’s Health magazine that a “sex machine is an ultimate sex toy for women and men”. After she tried out the sex toy at the product launch at New York City’s museum, she stated” when I controlled the sex machine’s speed control box and reached the half speed of the motor, my hand lost control of the machine. This product is extremely powerful.”

The sex machines are definitely the future of sex tech businesses as they provide women with a pleasurable experience as it has a motor that powers the vibrating strip situated on the top of the toy. When anyone at our adult shop sells the sex machine to a couple of men, who are purchasing it for their female partners, there is one comment that can be heard from all men:” she is never going to need me again as this product is going to replace me”. When our agents hear this, they could not help but laugh quietly. We say “it’s a machine that is used to provide extremely good sexual pleasure to women, but always keep one thing in mind that it can never replace the real human connection and touch”.

But here is the truth, as we know that the sex tech industry is consistently booming and the manufacturing of sex toys is continuously evolving and more sex toys like sex machines populate the adult shops, who know when it can change? Do men really need to worry about being replaced by advanced sex machines? Is this concern really right?

The fact is that not every man will see the contents of his girlfriend’s drawer filled with sex toys as an existential challenge. A survey undertaken in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy in 2011, in which over 1000 men and 2000 women participated between the ages of 18 and 60, concluded that most men who viewed their partner’s use of sex toys considered it healthy and more than 85% agreed that using a sex toy at night in bed with a partner can exceedingly increase the pleasure in a sexual relationship. However, the rest of the men thought while using sex toys women became extensively dependent on adult toys for seeking pleasure some considered women using vibrators for erotic pleasure as “shameful” and some said that women’s sex toy use is a menace. 

Anxiety around vibrator and sex machine use is real and is extremely common these days. A woman who ditches her partner and the men who long for her love imputes the dildo mistrust to “rigid ancient expectations that revolve around the gender roles” that evaluate men’s capabilities based on their capacity to provide for their partners – not only financially but sexually also. The ability to get a woman to orgasm using sexual encounters is often considered as an achievement of masculine accomplishment. The most popular belief is that the more manly a man is, the more orgasms a woman can have with him.

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