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Why Every Woman Should Use Sex Toys

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Why Every Woman Should Use Sex Toys 30

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Why Every Woman Should Use Sex Toys

With proper and safe use, there’s no reason why women should avoid sex toys. They’re a great asset to your sex life, besides providing certain health benefits and being extremely fun.

On top of that, sex toys are more common than they’ve ever been. The global sex toy market is booming and is expected to grow from $28.64 billion to around $52.7 billion between 2019 and 2026.

Both men and women are using them more than ever, and the current pandemic has certainly had a hand in it. Whatever the reason may be, there’s no avoiding the fact that 44% of women have used a sex toy at least once. 

In other words, sex toys are at the peak of their popularity. They’re not nearly as much of a taboo as they used to be, and the numbers prove it. There’s no reason for you not to try them out as well and be open about what pleases you.

Let’s dive into the reasons why every woman should use sex toys.

Great Reasons to Use Sex Toys

We’ll give you some good reasons why you should use sex toys and hopefully dispel any doubts you might still have about them. Sex toys have the potential to:

  • Boost body confidence

  • Keep your vagina healthy

  • Help relieve pain

  • Help with specific conditions

  • Improve sex with your partner

  • Help you talk about sex.

Every one of those reasons is good enough on its own. Together, they make sex toys a must-have in your life. Here’s how they can help you boost body confidence.

Sex Toys Boost Body Confidence

What better way to boost your body confidence than to love yourself — and we mean that quite literally.

Experimenting with your body can lead to some interesting discoveries. Among them are various new pleasure points you might not have known about until you started playing with yourself.

It’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to learn the full extent of your sexuality if you just engage in sex with other people. It can be fun, exhilarating, and adventurous, yes. But the biggest understanding of one’s sexuality usually comes from masturbation.

Once we understand our sexuality and our capacity for sexual pleasure without the fear of judgment or the feeling of shame, we can actually begin to show our bodies the respect they deserve.

As we begin to cherish our bodies more, so does our self-confidence grow. It’s one of the best ways to boost our self-image, and that’s something all of us need.

They Keep Your Vagina Healthy

Using a vibrator regularly can do wonders for your health.

When aroused, the lining of the vagina produces secretions that moisturize the area, keeping the walls of the vagina healthy. This helps increase vaginal elasticity, which is one of the ways for our vaginas to stay healthy.

On top of that, using a vibrator can help prevent infections in the cervix and the urinary tract through the process of opening the cervix, which occurs during arousal.

Those are just some of the benefits that sex toys have on your health, and why you should have a vibrator. It’s perhaps the most important reason why you should buy one, or even make your vibrator or dildo if you’re feeling crafty.

Sex Toys Help Relieve Pain

Have you been having migraines or joint pains recently? If you don’t want to take pain meds every time a throbbing pain comes around, we have some good news for you.

As it turns out, the part of the brain that helps soothe the pain is highly active during arousal. So stimulating your intimate parts can literally take your mind off the pain.

See your masturbation sesh through to the great finale and your brain will release endorphins. Those chemicals help with pain reduction even further, soothe nerve impulses that cause you to feel the pain.

Moreover, women have some added benefits of regular orgasms, as they seem to aid in the relief of period pains and cramps.

They Help With Specific Conditions

We’ve already talked about some general benefits that masturbation can bring to your health. However, sex toys can actually alleviate some specific conditions as well. 

Vaginismus, for one, is quite an unpleasant experience. As you probably know, it’s an involuntary tensing of vaginal muscles before penetration, which makes sex all too uncomfortable. It’s generally treated using medical dilators of increasing sizes, which is just slightly less unpleasant.

Instead, you could try and use the vibrator on your own. Your mind will associate it with pleasure, which can be a huge deal in vaginismus recovery.

Chronic vaginal dryness is another condition where sex toys can help you out a lot. Common causes of that condition include antidepressants, allergy medication, chronic yeast infections, and birth control among others. Continuous vibrator use can help improve lubrication and solve the problem of vaginal dryness.

Finally, sex toy use can help with anorgasmia or lack of orgasms. A study from 2018 showed that 10% to 40% of women have difficulty or complete inability to climax. Reasons for that condition are many, but most research seems to point to stress as the main culprit. Sex toys can provide different kinds of stimulation and help women break through anorgasmia. 

Finding the right stimulation will increase your low libido and assist with decreased sexual sensation.


Sex Toys Help You Improve Sex With Your Partner

A study from 2016 points to sex toys as one of the reasons why long-term partners feel satisfied in a relationship. 

It would seem that, among other things, using sex toys in bed helps keep the passion burning. Couples who feel more sexually fulfilled are more likely to report that they use toys to spice up their sex life.

Sex toys help take the pressure off both partners, creating a more stress-free environment that can help open all kinds of doors to orgasming.

All it takes is to be open with your partner (and yourself) about what you want and what kind of stimulation you’d prefer. Some are more into external stimulation that targets the clitoris. Others go for internal stimulation with toys that aim for your G-spot.

You Get to Talk About Sex More 

When you decide to go shopping for sex toys with your partner, you’ll learn that there’s something special about the experience. Getting to open up and express your deepest sexual desires can have a profound influence on both your sexual confidence and your relationship.

Such a conversation strengthens the bond between the partners and also enables them to truly express who they are. And that’s what’s important to understand each other better and will ultimately lead to enhanced sexual experiences.


Do not doubt it — sex toys are an excellent path to both better health and incredible sexual experiences. All it takes is for you to sit down and figure out what kind of toys you’d like to begin experimenting with.

It’s possible you won’t find the right sex toy for you the first time around. Don’t let it discourage you. Sooner or later, you’ll find the toy that’s just right for you. And you won’t be able to get enough of it.

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