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Vibrating Rings: The Revolution of Toys for Couple

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Vibrating Rings: The Revolution of Toys for Couple 21

Vibrating Rings: The Revolution of Toys for Couples

Erotic toys for men are also very popular, especially vibrating ring, which in addition to satisfying and helping men to have longer sexual relations.

Vibrating rings are erotic toys that delay ejaculation in people who suffer from premature ejaculation since, although there are psychic factors to suffer from this disease, there are also physical factors that cause it, which the vibrating ring corrects.

What is a vibrating ring?

Vibrating rings are erotic toys for men. These work to improve the sexual performance of the man and in some cases give pleasure to the woman. The vibrating ring is a ring that is placed under the testicles and will also cover the penis, causing them to remain pressed, achieving a better erection and delaying ejaculation. Cirilla’s shop provide best different materials, the most common are rubber, although they are also made of metal.

How does it work?

Erotic rings have a small circumference that allows the testicles and penis to be tight, thus ensuring that the blood from the penis does not leak and it does not sag due to erectile dysfunction problems, also delaying ejaculation for men with premature ejaculation problems.

Vibrating rings, meanwhile, include vibration, which will give pleasure to both the man in his penis and testicles and the woman by rubbing with the clitoris during penetration. The most complete vibrating rings include several modes of vibration and different intensities.

What do you feel with a vibrating ring?

In man, vibrators rings will feel a tingle at the base of the penis and a little testicles , with a strange feeling because they never senses tingle such will have in that area, but as the sexual relationship progresses the vibrations will become very pleasant .

The woman, depending on the sexual position that she practices with her partner, can feel pleasant sensations from moderate to very strong thanks to the vibrations of the ring.


The use of the vibrating ring not only has benefits that bring pleasure to the couple, but also improve the quality of sex due to: