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Top 10 Seducing tips to Get Your Girlfriend into Bed

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Top 10 Seducing tips to Get Your Girlfriend into Bed 19

You need to be sexually appealing to get your girlfriend even to like you. Looking good is not always the key to grabbing a girl’s attention. Yes, looks and physique do play a vital role in giving a memorable experience to girls on the bed, but there are many more important things that you must remember. It does not matter if you look good or not, but you can still seduce your girlfriend to bed. Don’t just flirt but flirt smart. In this article, you will learn about the ten most important seducing tips essential for turning your girl’s mood on.

1. Bring more closeness

It is going to be the first move that you must make to make her realize your plans for the night. Getting close to her does not mean you should force yourself on her. Talk to her, make her sit on your lap, and ask her about her day. Do not rush as she might feel threatened. Talk to her and keep things slow. Run your hands to play with her hair while she talks. She is most likely going to start losing words to speak, and that is an indication that you are going right.

2. Make her fall for you

Now, this is important as you can always make love to her, but it is more exciting when you can make your girl approach you for love. A girl can be more sexually active than any guy could ever be so if you can seduce your girlfriend to bed then you have earned some treat for you. To make her fall for you, firstly you need to know her likes and dislikes. You might bring a Rabbit vibrator for your sex night thinking it is romantic, but it might not be to her taste. You are going to ruin the mood for both of you. It is better to learn her fantasies, her food choices, her favorite movies, and her music to tempt her on a special night.

Talk about things that are interesting for both of you. Notice your girl’s reaction to your topic of conversation. If she enjoys your gossip, she would instead prefer to lean down on your lap to do the rest talking. If you observe her reaction as dull, then change the topic or ask her to tell something else.

3. Utilize the entire night

Do not hurry for sex. Your girl notices everything starting from your efforts to take her to bed and after it ends. Flirt with your girl, compliment her, and also play with her body. Do not go over the line at the very beginning. Make her comfortable before you go for the pants. She will indicate if she finds you patient enough to treat her like a princess and not just a sex doll. She will flirt back if she is seduced already and if not then continue sweet talks until you get the green sign. So, if you are almost successful in your task, then you can make all-night love with your woman.

4. Leave the night talks in the night

You can spend an entire night just flirting with her. The trick is to not discuss the night the next day.  Let her ask you about it from which you will know that she likes the way you flirt. Once she starts, then you can go full-on flirting with her again but mind not to flirt when either of you is with friends. Your girl will by now realize the passionate bond that you two share. So, the next time you spend the night together; there will be much more than just flirting.  

5. Make space in her comfort zone

Building sexual chemistry is very necessary to seduce her and satisfy her on physical terms. When you are out for a date with your group, find a moment, and sit close to her without coming to her notice.  Move your hands onto her, and this time, let her know you are doing it. Believe it or not, it is going to give you two goosebumps. If she turns to you with a smile, then your job is done. She is all turned on by your sweet gesture. Hold her hands while you walk, and after some time you can switch your hands to hold her waist. Hug her to bid goodbye for the evening and ask her if you can drop her home.

6. Make her sexually sensitive

As you have managed to seduce her with your soft touch, now she is going to love it every time you do it. When you are alone at your home, touch her softly whispering in her ears. Play with her hair and fingers, and you will find her hands locking yours. Sexual attraction is at its peak right now.

7. Play some games to take it slow

Now, you have done everything to seduce her to bed but take it a little slower as the more the craving, more the fun in a sexual relationship. Search online for some dirty couple games or sex toys like tongue-shaped vibrators prepare the props and get along with it.

8. Initiate dirty talks with her

After all of the seducing tips, now it is time to talk dirty and straightforward. She is eventually going to respond positively as she wants the same. Take her to bed while you talk, and in no time, you two will be enjoying amazing sex.

9. Go for a sex-trip

It is good to have a cozy sexual relationship in either of your houses, but it is even better to go on a trip with other couples in your group. You can call it a sex trip. Book your tickets for a romantic destination and also book your rooms. Your girl is going to be very excited about the beautiful sex-trip experience, so make it count. Talk to her on the way and flirt with her to make her feel shy.

10. Fulfill her fantasies

Every girl has some wild fantasies. Talk to her about it as you share a relationship now, free enough to talk dirty. Fantasies could be anything such as a pool make-out or kissing in public. Respect her fantasies and try to do everything that seems possible.

These are the ten most essential seducing tips that will seduce your girls to give you a fantastic sexual experience.

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