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Amazing 10 Sex Toys for Virgins Men & Women in India

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Amazing 10 Sex Toys for Virgins Men & Women in India 03

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10 Sex Toys for Virgins Men & Women in India

Are you residing in India and want to start with the collection of your sex tools to feel the heights of sex pleasure - either solo or with a partner? 

Not sure which one to choose from - as a beginner, let's help you with this!

The Indian market has a huge collection for virgin’s sex items for boys and girls. The sex products for beginners can be taken as nothing but the kind of beginner sex products that could be used by anyone regardless of sexuality or gender. Hence, not converting your curiosity into anger - let's start with the top 10 amazing sex items available in the hottest rising market in virgin sex toys of the world -India.

Sex Products for Beginners in India can be divided into further categories basis which you can select your category and then the desired tool for sex play:

Sex Toys for Women – first-timers

•         XXX Indian Dick Man - This is one of the best products in India, produced by a Delhi-based industry, and reproduces exactly like that of a male penis. It has been on the top of the list of highest sales for a few years now, the reason being its resemblance to the original penis of men. If you want an exact penis like that of your partner's or even better than that, this is the best for you. Also, it is of average size and not very larger which makes it best for beginners who can start with a small size and increase on later.

•         Super Pink Boy - This is another most popular dildo-type vibrator that finds itself in the most demanded product among sex items. Especially, the pink color of this tool helps it behave as a dollhouse for women and is most loved. It is made of high-quality silicone material, which doesn't allow the vagina to get sore even if used for a long time. Hence it can be the best product for even virgin women and feel the smoothness of sexual pleasure.

•         The Pleasant Egg - This Remote Pleasant egg, which has gained huge popularity among vibrators and masturbator machines for its cordless, easier, and flexible use, is also ranked among the best vibrators available in the Indian sex accessories market. It also has 3 color ranges - black, pink or blue, you can choose basis your choice and desire. The best part is it has a neck grip onto its controller part which makes it easy to grab and doesn't slip out while you're having sex or even masturbating.

•         Cute Massager - This cute handy size massager gaining popularity for its size, as it can easily fit in a makeup bag, handbag, and pockets and comes at a very affordable price. It definitely will not look like a sex toy at first look, hence, it's a good choice for people who live with family or roommates and keep their sex tools hidden.

•         Clitoral vibrator sex toy – It comes at a very handy price with its effectiveness of vibrations and pleasure, even it's easy to carry. These factors help this toy find its value in the market among virgins or beginners and want to heighten their sexual pleasures.

Sex Toys for Men – first-timers

•         Masturbation Pet Cup - This masturbation cup is perfect sex items for boys beginners to start. This cup is extremely soft which means, there is no need to use any kind of lubricant with it and it gives real pleasure - hence, favorite for beginners. It is based on a Japanese-technology and it’s inside material is a sponge which is known for its soft nature compared to other materials. All you need to do is, open the cap - and start using it, that's it!

•         Cockring Set - This cock ring set is a combo of three silicone cock rings which makes it build of high-quality material, hence softer and safer for your gentler penis' skin. Cock rings are a kind of restriction device for the penis which helps to maintain the erection for longer, holding the penis flow. As it improves the erection, it guarantees that it will surely improve your performance and your partner would be delight through this tool.

That's what you want - isn't it?

As a beginner, these soft silicone cock rings are the best to start with such; it is stretchable and fits every size of the penis. To wear and remove it is very easy which makes it easier to use. Although if you can some lubricant along with - it would work wonders for your moment.

•         Prostate Pink Stimulator -Are you one of those men who love to stimulate your prostate many men do love to. It's a real pleasure - if you want to try that. Also, that's a way to allow penetration in men and the P-Spot pleasure is the most intense pleasure. So, if you are a beginner, and want to try prostate stimulation -this Prostate pink stimulator is the best one for you. It is made of silicone and ABS material, hence softer and easily goes to the hard anal muscles. It has a soft and smooth texture.

•         Fleshlight Vagina - It is always on the top of the list when various sex experts are asked about the best sex toys for Men as beginners. Fleshlight is available in many shapes, sizes, textures with extra features. It is sleeved from inside and very easy to use for virgin men or beginners. Not just for beginners, intermediate users can also use it as it has soft bump textured from inside. This soft bump prevents men from getting that roughness while in use. It gives the feeling of a real vagina - so use a product and feel like you're actually into the vagina.

Can you imagine that feeling – Isn’t it awesome?

So did you find any sex toys that hit you and you want to try it at first instance?

Hence, we have compiled the list of amazing sex toys for you - to shop and Enjoy!

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