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How Sex Toys Can Help Generate More Income for Escorts

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How Sex Toys Can Help Generate More Income for Escorts 15

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How Sex Toys Can Help Generate More Income for Escorts

Sex toys can potentially help escorts in Australia generate more income as they are quite often appealing to certain clients, so if you are interested in making more money, please feel free to read.

According to SecretHostess.com, Australian escorts who offer sex toy play as a part of their services make more money in the long run.

Sex Toys Create Interest

Sex toys can create interest with certain clients, so if you are looking to make more money, why not incorporate them into your escort services? Escorts who tour within bustling cities around Australia such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane quite often incorporate tantalising sex toys in their escort services.

Clients Ask

Various clients in Australia who seek exciting and memorable escort services quite often search for professional escorts like  Goa escorts who are open to using sex toys within their sex services.

Most escorts don’t include or offer sex toys as part of their escort services, so if you decide to include them, you will stand out from other escorts and make yourself extra money without even trying too hard.

Adventurous Clients

Adventurous clients who are seeking escorts who offer sex toys as an addition to their escort services are quite often used to paying an additional fee for the additional experience. Therefore, why not capture the attention of those adventurous clients and charge extra for the use of sex toys, it’s an easy way to increase your income quickly.

Advertise Your Sex Toy Services

To make it easy for clients to find you, why not advertise that you include sex toys in your sex services or that you offer them as an additional cost?

Clients quite often have to ask escorts in Australia if they include sex toys as part of their service, so why not make it easy for them and just let them know that you include sex toys?

List Your Sex Toy Services

To entice potential clients, make sure you include a list of sex services that you offer, along with various sex toys that are included. Be precise about what you are prepared to offer and which sex toys can be used during those services.

Cost of Sex Toy Services

Let clients know clearly how much extra it will be for various sex services that include sex toys and the duration of your time together. Make sure that you give clients a final total amount when they book with you, that way you will avoid any discrepancies before they come to see you.

Include Sex Toys

If you don’t wish to charge extra for the usage of sex toys during your sex services, you can always advertise that there is no extra cost added.

Quite a few high-end professional escorts in Australia will include sex toys as part of their normal fees as they already charge high prices, and they are just looking for potential clients to book with them because they include sex toys as part of their services.

Increase Your Income

You can simply increase your income by including sex toys as part of your normal escort services as many clients are looking for something different and that extra personal touch. Just think about it, if most of the escorts in your city don’t include sex toys as part of their normal sex services and you decide to include them, then you will most probably gain more clients than other escorts, therefore you will see an increase in your income.

Invest in Sex Toys

When you first start as an escort, you may not have a lot of money to invest in sex toys, however, each time you work make sure you put some money aside so that you can purchase a few more sex toys to add to your collection.

Sex toys can be conveniently purchased from various online sex shop stores and sent directly to your home, that way you will save time and probably money as well.

Specific Sex Toys

When purchasing sex toys, try and look for sex toys that correlate to your sex services, e.g., if you offer porn star experiences, then you may wish to include anal sex toys that can be used during that particular service.

Girlfriend Experiences

If you specialise in girlfriend experiences, then you may like to consider sex toys such as vibrators, cock rings and sex board games. Simply offer sex toys that fit in with your personality and escort services, make sure that you feel comfortable and confident when offering and using them though.

BDSM Sex Toys

If you specialize in BDSM services, then why not charge extra or include sex toys that will help to elevate your escort services? Sex toys such as fluffy handcuffs, leather whips and feather ticklers can be included in your arsenal of sex toys. If you would like to kick it up a notch, then why not invest in BDSM sex toys such as nipple rings, restraints and blindfolds?

Hygiene & Maintenance

Hygiene and maintenance are essential when working with sex toys, make sure they are cleaned thoroughly and disinfected between each client. If they are broken and can’t be repaired, make sure you replace them promptly or repair them so they are not dangerous to you or your clients.

Make sure that you state on your escort ads that all sex toys are hygienically cleaned between each client so that potential clients don’t have to ask you. Before use, present your sex toys in a hygienically sealed bag if possible so that clients can see that they have been hygienically cleaned before they arrived.

In Summary

Investing in sex toys [Sexpielzeug] can be an easy and fun way to generate more income when you work as an escort in Australia.

If you are a high-end professional escort who tours to bigger cities such as Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, then you may wish to look into investing in sex toys that correlate to the sex services you offer.

Have fun!

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