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Opinion on the Sex Toy Lovense 09

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The sex toy or erotic toy has been gradually democratized since the 20th century to become an essential object to have in your drawer as a symbol of sexual fulfillment!  However, its use is not new.  Indeed, sexual objects dating from the prehistoric era have been found!  While the sex toy was previously only an object of solitary pleasure, the new models tend more and more to instill a vision of use for two and to reinforce this idea of shared pleasure.  Thus, in recent years, models of connected sex toys have emerged and allowed mutual fun by remotely stimulating the G-spot of your partner.


The Best Lovense Sex Toys:

There are several extensions of lovense cam Among these we have :-


• Domi: A vibrating wand

This vibrating wand, invented by Hitachi and sold in the 80s, was a resounding success!  Surprising coming from a microwave manufacturer.  All over the world, women have flocked to the article, to enjoy the sensations offered by this new toy: namely vibrations that penetrate deeper into the genital tissues than any other object;  not to mention the clitoral stimulation that will make you scream with pleasure!

So the concept has been amply proven: vibrating wands are a surefire way to tease and please vaginas, all the way to full orgasm.  The launch of Domi by Lovense was a better idea.

The first improvement made to the design of this device was to remove the power cord to modernize it.  The Domi is completely wireless, and a charged battery lasts about an hour and a half, more than enough time to writhe in pleasure.

Made in medical silicone, completely healthy for the body, it has two rotating motors at the level of its head to make things exciting.  It’s not all head-spinning, unlike the original marketed by Hitachi.  It is much better adapted to its use than the old one!  The intention of the two products was different, even though they have a lot of similarities.

The Domi application has many features, including the ability to synchronize vibrations to selected music.  During some sessions, you can probably laugh than enjoy!  The commands can be used by you, or by your partner via the application.  What’s adorable about this toy is that your partner can remotely activate the device’s LED. It's a gadget much loved by jerk mate pornstars.

 The Lush: The Smallest Sex Toy

The next step on the road to success is undoubtedly the Lush, winning the title of number 1 remote vibrator, powerful and controllable via Bluetooth.  This is sure because, before him, manufacturers only produced simple gadgets and did not make any serious innovations, contenting themselves with producing powerful vibrators.

It’s not big, but it’s powerful and quiet.  Outside the body, the noise is noticeable when turned on at maximum power, but once inside the vagina, it no longer produces enough noise.

The goal of this design was to make it fully controllable remotely: you insert the toy and the antenna picks up everything you want.  The hands-free option is very advantageous.  Strangely, this toy has a very good Bluetooth range.

 • Edge: The Best Prostate Massager

 The Edge from Lovense is the best prostate massager.

It has been designed with the interest of its user in mind: finding their G-spot easily and comfortably. Thanks to its ergonomic handle, your hand will no longer feel numb during your longest sessions.  Its adjustable head allows you to use it in any position you want.

 The back of the sex toy has been optimized so that it remains fixed during the act.  It is therefore the perfect sex toy to use with your gaming partner. In addition, its two vibrators provide incredible sensations!

 If you are looking for a prostate massager, the Edge will be perfect to complete your collection.  It is also accessible for both anal regulars and beginners.

• Max: The Best Masturbator

 With so many male masturbators hitting the market since the inception of the hugely popular Fleshlight, it has become difficult for one masturbator to really stand out.

These sleeves, whose texture imitates that of the vagina, very quickly saw their interest limited;  and none really come close to the real Fleshlight.  They really have the best ideas and the best techniques for creating playful sex toys.

This is why the Max was a real success.  The tightness can be controlled with a vent, like many other onaholes, but there are also pumps that reproduce a suction effect, which makes the experience really great: it seems that the toy reacts, in the same way, way than a real vagina.  There is also a vibrating motor at the bottom, the effect of which reverberates throughout the sex toy!

 • Ambi: A Totally Unique Vibrator

 Ambi is a unique vibrator!  Comfortable to hold and of course very powerful.  It’s great to use during sex, allowing for a good grip, but small enough not to be bulky or awkward.

 It works wonders to stimulate the clitoris.  However, if you are not comfortable with intense clitoral stimulation, this may not be the toy for you.  Its small size is ideal for using it on your clitoris during sex.

Our Opinion on Lovense:

Lovense knows his stuff well, period.  There needs to be both thorough product testing, and a fair appreciation of customer feedback, as they master sex toys and knowledge of the human body as few companies do.  We notice that most sex toys from the 90s and some from today remain relatively simple in their design, without any real specialized functionality.  Lovense takes the time to understand how to bend and mold its toys to deliver intense pleasure to the average human body.

 Such a commitment to customer satisfaction and such a guarantee of protection has led customers to try most of their products.

The prices of their items are higher than what you will find elsewhere.  However, be aware that you are paying above all for the quality of a material that is safe for your body.  It is also a reliable sex toy that does not cut corners to give you an incredibly satisfying experience.


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