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New position of the week you must try: Park and Ride

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New position of the week you must try: Park and Ride 07

The sex position Park and Ride are a fantastic way for girls to get eased into the position of being in charge over man while having sex and gives the men a chance to explore the one of a kind idea of being dominated by women. Believe me, this sex act; require a lot more flexibility, endurance and physical strength than an average looking nookie. In this, both players' efforts are benefited with abundance of deep fucking and G-spot pleasure.

How to do it?

In this activity, a guy lies down on his back, and his legs are bent and feet lift off from the ground, raised towards the ceiling. The woman moves around facing away from him and settles down towards his pelvic area and inserts his penis in her vagina. Although not really required, he can hold her feet with her hands to assist her get into much better position so she can sit down, park up, move up/down and ride nicely. She can also use the butt plug purchased from our online store in India to get some erotic sensations going in her butt as well.

Why do you need to do it?

These sex positions provide the best angle that is ideal for targeting the g-spot pounding and get her all worked up while she is totally in control of the things and able to manage the pace and depth of penetration. In order to reduce the depth of penetration lean forward, and she can use the vibrator for women such as want massager to massage her clit, or put her weight back on him so she can reach deeper and deeper. Simultaneously, she can control the pace and flow with ecstatic ease. She will just need to get ready to get in the mood of working out, get kinky and sweaty, whereas he follows her instructions and supports her pace to please her to the maximum extent.

You must try.

In case, she enjoys the soft starter pleasure, let her take the more dominant part. You can discover the Sub/dom relationship further by putting bondage cuffs on his ankles. This way he will be moderately restrained in the position and it will help keep his legs tied together in the same elevated position. Worry not! You can easily buy BDSM toys Delhi from Adultscare.com with just a call.

Spice up the play to a next level

Little bit of anal pleasure for both man and woman can exponentially increase the sensation and enhance the fun, especially if the butt plugs are the remote controlled and partners can interchangeably use them to control the level of vibrations. Men can raise the height of the hips with the help of sex position booster to spice things up. Moreover, a slight hip raise and straight posture of the girl can increase the chances of hitting the A spot which is a major erogenous organ located in the vaginal depth between the bladder and cervix of the women. 

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