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My first experience with sex toys in India

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My first experience with sex toys in India 15

Are you still thinking about your first sex toy but don’t know where to start? That’s why to give you better insight about using sex toys for the first time we have asked some of our customers about their first experience about using sex toys for the very first time and share their views about purchasing sex toys for men and women in India. Fortunately, we have been permitted by our customers to be able to show their views here on our platform.

Below in this list, you will find the authentic views from our customers who have used sex toys purchased from Adultscare.com website for privacy and security reasons we have changed their names so it won’t reveal their identities

1) Savita- the decision to buy a sex toy was my husband’s. When the first time my husband advised me to use a sex toy, I was shocked. Our sex life was going great and I thought why should we try something new it might ruin all the fun we were already having in our marriage life. I read some reviews about the G-spot vibrator and it was the same vibrator I saw in “Sex and the City” when Carrie Bradshaw used it in the series. So I thought it would be great fun for Carrie and it will be an amazing experience for me as well. Therefore I called Adultscare and talked to one of their expert and got to know more about sex toys. I am really happy about my choice and I must say the vibrator was perfect for me.

2) Sneha – Do you know about playdate? The pleasure, feeling of little anxiety, and thrill that it gives is simply mind-blowing. I took my first playdate with a Dildo I purchased from an online sex toy store and I liked playing with it. First I saw a woman using a dildo in one of the porn movies that I was watching on my phone and I thought I should try this one as well.     

So I was checking online for multiple options available for dildos but my search would always end up with results coming about online massagers for women. Then, I got to know about the Adultscare site from one of my close friends and I ordered a realistic dildo which I likes because it looked like a real penis. It has an inbuilt vibrating function that provides great stimulation upon penetration. After using it for a couple of days, I use it from low intensity to high intensity and massage my clitoris with it. I am glad I decided to order my first female sex toy in life and it was an amazing experience.

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