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The Most Popular Types of Escorts

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The Most Popular Types of Escorts 19

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The Most Popular Types of Escorts

These days, it is easy to hire a professional escort. Many escort agencies now have online platforms where clients can hire and book escorts from the comfort of their houses. Users can also filter escorts based on location, age, or gender.

People hire escorts for various needs. For some, it could be that you are looking for someone to hang out with, and for others, it could be for that girlfriend experience. Most professional escorts list the services they offer in their bios.

Most newbies still don’t know that different types of escorts exist. This guide will highlight the different kinds of Adelaide escorts including the services they offer.


Socialites are a popular type of escort who offer the girlfriend experience. The girlfriend experience may include going on dates and accompanying you to formal or informal events. These escorts are always open-minded and quick learners who can pick up and handle conversations with elites.

Most single businesspeople prefer hiring socialites to get that feeling of being in a relationship without any strings attached. What's worth noting is that socialites are always in high demand, especially among businessmen who travel often.

Niche Escorts

There are a couple of reasons why people hire escorts, one of which is to fulfill sexual fantasies. Though escorts are open-minded, most will turn down some offers, especially if it involves weird fantasies or fetishes. Here is where niche escorts come into play.

Niche escorts focus on providing specific services tailored around fetishes or fantasies. Their rates are also high, especially if the act is dangerous or involves a high level of risk. For example, you may find niche escorts into role-playing that involves BDSM.

Sugar Baby

We are often used to hearing about sugar mamas and sugar daddies. You will find Adelaide escorts who are sugar babies in the escort business. So, the question is, who is a sugar baby? Sugar daddies or mommies sponsor sugar babies.

This means that their mommy or daddy takes care of their financial needs such as rent, entertainment, and overall upkeep. In exchange, the sugar baby can go on dates and have sex with no strings attached. Most sugar babies take on this lifestyle to make a living and support their high-maintenance life.

Part-Time Escorts

These are escorts who get on the grind to boost their income. Most of them have a primary job, which they focus on for most of the day or week. They also operate on tight schedules to better manage their time and careers.

However, the downside to this is the inability to lock down a client for a long time. Most of them pick up their escort business whenever they need extra cash.

Wrapping Up

Hiring a professional escort is an excellent way of enjoying the benefits of being in a relationship without any strings attached. You can hire an escort for different needs, not just sexual fantasies. The rates may vary depending on the service and demand rates. Socialites can be expensive, especially if they bring more than beauty to the game.

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