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Let’s talk about the sexual act - Position Sixty-Nine (69)

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Let’s talk about the sexual act - Position Sixty-Nine (69) 05

A sixty-nine or 69 ing is the sexual play in which 2 people give each other the pleasure of oral sex at the same time. Some people may think it is a purposeless juggle, but no doubt there is one thing for sure this is the legendary sex position. To experience true passionate sensual love, you need to do it- a couple needs to lie down on the bed or a mat in the position so that both partners face each other’s genitals, that’s one of the reasons why it’s called “69 positions” – just think of big o part in the number 6 and 9 as the head of the individual lying while facing opposite each other.

No doubt, it is a number that gets people sniggering and saying “pleasurable” whenever it shows up anywhere.

How to do 69?

This is one of a kind of sex act that looks better than actually indulging in it. It requires equal efforts by both partners as both need to coordinate and continuously think of ways to use their tongue/ mouth in such as way that their partner feels good while feeling the pleasure they getting in return and making sure the male partner focuses on retaining the erection simultaneously.

It is not like simultaneous pleasure is not fun nor feels good, but providing and getting continuous pressure by gently rubbing using mouth and tongue on the genitals to make each other orgasm at the same time.

There are a lot of things that go on while enjoying 69 acts with your partner. It is easiest to reach the climax when both partners are of the same height. In case, if one partner is 5’5” and the other is 6’1” for example, then both partners are going to face problems to some extent. If you are a male and you are accompanied by a female partner who wants to go for Sixty nine and there seems to be a height-related disparity, then it’s better if you stay on top of your women, but where the female partner needs to be comfortable giving a deep throat blowjob or cunnilingus which may feel awkward. You need to make sure that your genitals reach the mouth of your partner very easily; otherwise, you may lose control of the play and get tired more easily.

Play differently

There are various things you can try out while 69 ing with your partner. You can let your female partner have her head hang off the bed a little bit, so you can lean over and go easily in her mouth completely. The couple can also lie on the side facing opposite each other, which will allow both partners to have an equal amount of control with less chance of an individual violently hitting each other’s faces. 

One more way you can choose to spice up the play a little bit, you include some sex toys into the act, something like a vibrator a Fleshlight, or any other sex toy available online which is a great way to add variety, giving your mouth some break and talk dirty with each other throughout the whole play while your lovely bits are enjoying each moment.

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