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Let’s learn about silicone in sex toys and where does it come from?

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Let’s learn about silicone in sex toys and where does it come from? 17

Silicone is the magic word in the sex toys industry. It is great to use for body-safe sex toy options. However, like most of the other things in the world, we don’t know what we are inserting in our bodies. From the factories or ground to the bedrooms at our homes, we just tend to believe in whatever peculiar procedures gave birth to dildos, pocket pussies, Fleshlight in India, butt plugs, Manforce game use, and much more.

Fundamental idea

Let’s begin with the things that won’t confuse the brain; why silicone is so much in demand? One most important things to know is what makes sex toys more useable. It is the hygiene.

Is the toy easy to clean and sanitize?

For better comparison, just imagine the tiny pores in your skin. Oil, makeup layers, sweat, dust particles, and other junk can get clenched to these pores and to get things cleaned you need to give them a thorough, deep, and strong washing. Still, after that, we tend to miss things and can’t get it 100% shining. Just imagine these microspores on your adult products. Body fluids, bacteria, and mold can get stuck in the crevices and holes which can lead to bacterial infections, STIs, and other unwanted infections.

Men's and women's sex toys made with silicone, ceramic, sealed wood, ABS plastic, and glass are known to have “body-safe” characteristics and have non-porous surfaces. Therefore, dirty things can’t hide and can be easily cleaned up simply by using soap and water.

How silicone is manufactured?

Silicone is used mostly in everything: from automobiles or appliances to aerospace. Moreover, it is used in lubricants, adhesives, cooking utensils, medicines, and much more. It is a multi-purpose material that is made in various forms such as grease, Caulk, oil, sealants, rubber, resin, and much more. In technical terms, silicone can also be referred to as Polydimethylsiloxane (polymerized siloxane).

Silicone is made from naturally occurring materials such as man-made materials and silicon. Its backbone is oxygen and silicon atoms. It has a tetravalent form which means this atom can create 4 stable bonds around it.
All these things mean it has a long chain that, when merged with other materials at several different temperatures, can form various kinds of different textures and forms; from solid objects to liquids to fleshlight lube gels.

What does this whole thing mean?

What we get from all this is that silicone is an incredible material Its ingredients and composition help it take up various forms (solid/ liquid/ gel), textures (coarse, soft), and shapes. Out of this, the solid version is used to create sex toys since its surface is non-toxic and easy to clean.

Products made from silicone are durable and have a longer lifespan. Therefore, sex toys made from silicone are purely an investment. These toys will never disappoint you and will stay with you for quite a long time. By choosing silicone-made sex toys in India rather than choosing cheap quality plastic toys and dildos that will break after using them a couple of times, you may end up throwing them out to purchase another toy (still the cheap one). But, it is better to stick with one product for a longer time. This way, you will save more money on shipping and make the environment pollution-free.

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