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Is female chastity real? How a woman can enjoy the act of orgasm denial?

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Is female chastity real? How a woman can enjoy the act of orgasm denial? 16

The erotic chastity is a kind of bondage topic that can open a way to the heart of your lovely mistress. I have researched a lot about chastity BDSM for men for past few years and also read a lot about tools used for chastity and also gone through several chastity cage reviews. Does a woman enjoy Chastity fun? Does the chastity play really exist? How one can relish the pleasure of orgasm denial?

I have made up my mind to collect my thoughts on Chastity for women, as it is important to know that International chastity day is celebrated on 15th February every year. Yes, you got me; there is officially celebrated Male Chastity day. However, I think women also deserve to be included and they should not be left out from the chastity fun. I have worked on several blogs and articles related to penis-based chastity that were widely appreciated by audience.

Yes, you are right! I mean Vaginal and Clitoral Chastity

In order to write this article exclusively, I am thinking about calling this 'female chastity' and will be talking about the concept of orgasm denial for girls' but I am also aware of the fact that not all the people with vulva/vagina/clit are called as a woman. Labeling the genders is still the best method for those people who are looking for this kind of information online just to get to know more about it exactly like men penis chastity. Hope, you are getting my point!

What’s the deal in chastity for women?

In case you are among those who like to achieve orgasms, no matter through masturbation, sex or both, you may be finding it hard to recognize the chastity's true appeal. There is something special about women who are being able to get turned off and get banged out at any point of time. I really like it! As you can check from our vast number of sex toy articles and reviews on website, I have always enjoyed regular orgasms in the past. But, now I am starting to take joy in the women chastity as well.

I wonder why a women with nice sex toys, agile fingers, a passionate lover or may be having all of these-would like to have female chastity in place?

Chastity for women has a long lasting tempt for number of kinky men, women and couples out there, since it focuses more on control instead of just focusing on achieving orgasms that everyone craves for. There is a special kinky thrill that is associated with the denial of pleasure at the peak at a specific time, or deliberately and with mutual consent passing on the control of the orgasms to another guy so they can deny or grant the pleasure whenever they want. It is important to know the value of chastity plan as it is widely enjoyed in so many BDSM activities to nurture a stronger relationship between the submissive and the dominant. It is definitely a great way for me to maintain the curiosity of my submissive’s pleasure, respect and delight. I really enjoy having the control over and the power it gives me.

Are there any benefits of staying as a chastity women?

I find it really difficult to find any health benefits of staying in chastity, as compared to several benefits one can enjoy in having orgasms. But, in case you have a kinky taste for the chastity play, and possess the desire of having your orgasms controlled or denied, then in that case you will have more mental and emotional pleasure by engaging in the actions of female chastity. The sexual niche, in which you need to deny the maximum level of pleasure that most women crave, can be extremely erotic concept of orgasm denial of BDSM.

 Indeed, if you like to enjoy the chastity fun as a part of horny relationship, or in your romantic relationship, you will be also having fun in real life and like to enjoy the chaste sensations with your master or Dom which results in mutual delight.

How does a woman enjoy the female chastity or orgasm denial?

As recently described you can explore the fun of chastity and learn about orgasm denial either solo or with the assistance and help of an approving sex partner, master or Dominant. Actually, indulging into this act is difficult for the first time performed, first of all it takes a lot of willpower to hold back from going with the flow and reaching an orgasm when the sexual satisfaction is building up to an uncontrollable level. However, when you are indulging in chastity using chastity tool like an adult products or a sex toy, you refrain yourself from taking the initiative to touch your body and providing yourself an orgasm. Let's say you are not using any BDSM chastity belt and vibrator for women, then the urge to break your restraint will be always there as a intrusive element. You can use the fleshlight lube to delay your orgasm while utilizing chastity products.

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