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India's latest trend to buy men sex toy and items

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India's latest trend to buy men sex toy and items 22

Sex toys trend in India 

Have you ever noticed that any kind of registration form we fill for Government and financial purposes has an option called “Gender” by they don’t use the word “sex”? Yes, indeed it is true and we still try to run away from this 3 letter word called “sex”, so why sex is still considered a “taboo” in India.

Shockingly, we are born on the land where the concept of Kamasutra Sex Toys was originated way back in the 3rd or 4th century and it was introduced by the popular philosopher known as Vatsyayana. This famous ancient Indian text is a Sanskrit word that provides ways to build deepening intimacy with your partner and it acts as a gateway to the world of sexual liberty as it helps you enlighten yourself sexually, and provides you with more physical, mental, and emotional satisfaction in your life. 

If we talk about sex why is it considered “taboo” and people restrain themselves from using this word in public even though the term was originated in India itself, everyone thinks is it is strange and why wouldn’t they?

We are one of the world’s most highly populated country, thus we know that everyone does it in their bedroom and behind closed doors so why we avoid talking about it in open? I think that even the children of today’s modern world need sex education in colleges and schools. We should stop talking about something and shy from something that is the most basic necessity of humans and it is much around everywhere. 

Whenever there is news about a rape case on TV, we tend to share it on social media to express our condolences to the victims but when there is an intimate sex scene takes place we change the channel so no one in the family can watch it. It is already high time that we should consider sex as a more open concept instead of making it more hideous day by day and should not consider it something to be done only while being wrapped in bed sheets with your partner.

 Popular sex toys and items to buy in India

As we all know that sex is such a hush-hush topic in our lives, how would it be if were to include the term “sex toys” in our lives? It is no longer a surprise that there are still very few people who know sex toys in India. There we strive quite hard to educate and make people more familiar with the knowledge of sex toys and adult toys shop so they get to know what exactly they are and how should they use them properly and safely. 

Like love has no language, similarly, there is no specific word or language for pleasure and sexual fantasies. Sex toys are o rocket science; they are just devices or objects that are used to satisfy ourselves sexually with their human genitalia looks and sensations. Some sex toys are even designed to look like animals genitalia such as a horse dildo as some women have big fantasies of having sex with big penises like horse dildos, but the majority of sex product resemble human genitalia and some come with vibrating and some are available with non-vibrating mechanism, moreover, some sex instruments have a vibrating motor inside which causes wild sensations on the erogenous zones and some are used to induce pain during pleasure. 

A sex toy for men is merely not just physical fun, they are a great way to bring people together and help them add spice to their lives so they can discover new forms of pleasure that they have never explored before. Some of the men's sex item are designed to be used with your partner while some are designed to be used alone when you are alone. 

There are various sex items such as cock rings, pocket pussy, Fleshlight, and women sex toys include dildos, vibrators, breast enlargement kits, and nipple suctions toys, etc.  

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