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Important things you must know about Rabbit vibrators

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Important things you must know about Rabbit vibrators 29

What do you understand by a rabbit vibrator?

Many of us may not know that a Rabbit vibrator is a sex toy that can perform two functions such as penetrative and clitoral fun simultaneously. That means you can get twice the fun with just one product. They are available in multiple shapes, sizes, and textures. Some vibrators have a long shaft used for penetration whereas some have rounded clitoral stimulators at the one end used to massage the clitoris. There is no doubt that you will never run out of options when it comes to choosing vibrators.

Is it the appropriate sex toy for me?

When compared to other old-fashioned vibrators available in the market, rabbit vibrators are most crucial when it comes to giving pleasurable sensations because of their capability of offering penetrative sexual pleasure and clitoral fun at the same time. With the help of these vibrators, you can get G-spot pleasure and clitoral orgasms instantly with double fun. Therefore, if you are searching for a new sex toy or want to upgrade your existing product, you must try our Purple Sexy Rabbit Vibrator and RABBIT 10 FUNCTION G SPOT DUAL VIBRATOR by ordering them from Adultscare.com

How come the rabbit vibrators have become so much popular?

1) Rabbit vibrators were first invented in 1983; they were introduced to battle Japan’s obscenity law. As a result, sex toy manufacturers disguised these vibrators as the Rabbit vibrators to overcome this situation.

2) Although they had already grown in popularity around the world within a few months after they were launched, the Rabbit vibrator Adult product became an overnight sensation, thanks to the 90’s television series ” Sex and the City.” After the hit series was launched on TV, the sales of this popular sex toy skyrocketed, thanks to Charlotte and her addiction to her Rabbit vibrator.

3) In 1999, the Rabbit vibrator sales outnumbered the sales of a total number of washing machines and front-load washing machines as over 1 million machines were sold. Since then, it’s been the best-value sex toy in the world.

Why should women use the Rabbit vibrator?

1) It provides dual stimulation. You can increase the fun twice by using the product. The Rabbit vibrator stimulates both the G-spot and clitoral hood at the same. This way the pleasure is doubled.
2) Perfect toy for first-time users – In case, you are a beginner it is best to use the Rabbit vibrator since it provides a variety of methods and erotic options to choose from. You can stimulate the vagina, clitoris, g-spot, and anus with one product.
3) It serves countless purposes – There are wide varieties of Rabbit vibrators available to explore. Various shapes, textures, speeds, patterns, you name it. The rabbit vibrators come with several different functions to enjoy.

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