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How to lick your girl out really good?

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How to lick your girl out really good? 04

Eating out your girl like a horse licking a rock salt will surely make her cum straight on your face!

Eating her pussy, going down on your woman, or licking out someone, whatever you call the oral sex act, it can feel extremely incredible to women and people with vaginas. In pussy eating, your main focus should be on the clitoris which has around 10,000 nerve endings. That’s why it provides her plenty of pleasure which is much more than the stimulation of her vagina through penetration.

In case, you have ever pondered how to give her a lick job extremely well, here’s the list of steps to ear her pussy, while using your mouth and hands at the same time as it will make her achieve orgasms and make her cum:

1)      Kiss your girl down there – First make your way from either south or north of the border. You can first start with kinky kisses from the neck down to the pelvic area. If you have already started from the neck and you have already reached her vulva. Congrats, you have made it!

While engaging in the act, you can maintain eye contact but it is an intense move. Depending upon the woman you are going down on, it could be extremely weird or extremely hot. Before hitting the clitoral hood or labia, kiss her up on her thighs and inner thighs.

2)      Locate the clit – You can study this guide to understand how clitoral stimulation works. After having fun around the vagina, you need to get in there and hit the clit. In case, you don’t know what it is, it is like a thing that looks like a pea on the top of a vertical beef sandwich. Make sure before you start playing with it, that you need to understand that the clitoris is an extremely sensitive part of the body and has way more nerve endings than the man's penis. Yes, it’s an incredible gift. It is the primary source of orgasms for women.

The clit is not simply just a bean, it’s a phenomenal bean. In case, you know what you are doing, you can easily make a girl shudder with pleasure like a devil is being expelled out of them. You can begin engaging in this act by making use of your fingers to massage her clitoris and then ramming your face in her vag.

3)      Kiss around the clitoris – First begin licking the region around the clitoris, just don’t go in there like hitting a bull’s eye. You need to heat up the stove before you stick in the meat! After having enough teasing and when she started asking for more, slide your tongue across the phenomenal clit

4)      Put your tongue down, round, penetrate, and keep your focus on the pressure you are putting on the clitoris. Start with light touches, press it a little bit, and move at a higher pace when her body reacts positively. Moreover, you can tease her clit with different shapes of your tongue. Some women like the pointy tip of the tongue while some like the flat surface of the tongue.

5)      Try out the Kivin method – This is a great way to get women to orgasm in a matter of 3-4 minutes and over 60% of ladies experience quicker and passionate orgasms. In a conventional pussy licking job, guys come from the sides of the legs but in Kivin's approach, the pleasure giver comes from the side. The giver puts the index finger on either side of the clitoris to stimulate her, and then he goes from licking the clitoris from side to side instead of going up and down.

6)      Ask the girl how she likes it – Ask your woman, if she likes it. This will give you a good start to get her into the mood of dirty talking. All women have different kinds of vulvas. Their shape, color, and odor differ from each other. This way some women may like more pressure on the labia, or others may like a fast, circular massage on the clit.

7)      Give women sex toys a try – Using an adult product while eating out her pussy, could mean heavenly pleasure of her. If she likes it, you have the option of using a vibrator for women, butt plugs available online in India, an aircraft cup, and g-spot vibrators in her pussy while moving your tongue on the clitoris.

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