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Hard Times: What To Do When You Can’t Stay Hard

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Hard Times: What To Do When You Can’t Stay Hard 28

Disclaimer: This Page section is for mature audiences who are adults 18 years and above. If you are below 18, please close the website. View at your discretion

Don’t be hard on yourself when you can’t be hard 

Hard times create strong men but not so hard times create failed relationships. The beauty of your organ standing straight can be accustomed to it having stood the worst of times. As a human, there are certain responsibilities that you should assume, the most paramount one being the fact that you should take full responsibility for your reproductive organs. Especially when it is being subjected to constant retrieval during times of arousal. 

The prime reasons being stress and lack of exercise are just a fallacy. Other factors contribute to the overall health of your ding-dong as well. Keep reading to find out what they are. 

You Are Watching Too Many ‘Sans Clothes’ Videos 

Yes, I know that’s how you discovered the greatest happiness of being a human. But with time, things have been upended in a way that they should have been quite earlier. There has been ample research about the fact that these acrobatic videos can hamper your blood flow through your veins. 

And what’s the consequence? 

The sad story of a failed erection. Failed, but not defeated. The beautiful part is that your organ can act like a phoenix i.e. rise from the ashes once again in full glory. All you need to do is reduce your dependency on such videos and you are good to go. And don’t forget to lube it up with Glide.

You Are Too Nervous During Your Ultimate Performance 

Relax, my friend. Good sex is not a sprint and neither is a marathon. But, something in between where you need to find its sweet spot. Your organ is nervous because of its sheer thought of the inability to perform. Your partner is not going to kill you if she doesn’t get what she desires. She is not going to spread the word about how one distant day, her lover could not make her reach a heightened sense of satisfaction. 

Stress is a part of daily life because we live in a world where all humans have issues. A poor man has many and so does a billionaire. You might have issues during sex and so will your partner. Talk and sort it out. 

Great sex is all about communication. Arranged marriages, OMFG? 

 You Are Not Getting Involved In Extracurricular Activities

If sex is just intercourse then I am King Lear. Your partner might have something under the belt that they wish to communicate but perhaps you are the disillusioned one. Perhaps a massage from our is what’s on the plan tonight. Or mutual masturbation might be the urge to succumb to a whole lot of Glide for good measure.

Sex is not just about penetration. Even a simple hand-holding exercise can be a big deal for a person bereft of touch. The Glow Relaxing oil might be the one that you need to get that erection with a stronger hold than the leaning tower of Pisa. Or a bit of foreplay where you act as Cleopatra trying to woo Julius Caesar might work wonders. And did you ever think of introducing toys to your love life?

Hard times aren’t that hard after all, isn’t it? 

Adultscare Is There To Guide You 

Oh, dear friend. We did not think twice before bringing it out in the open. Adultscare has all the therapy that a lover needs in his or her life. Perhaps Glow Relaxing is the need of the hour to stimulate the nerves that never hinted at arousal. The relaxing massage oil will take the stress away from your life just like our other products take the shame away from the narrow-minded society. 

Join us in our quest to make sex the greatest invention of mankind. An act of love, dreams, wishes, and a bit of chaos (wink). 

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