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8 Facts about Sex Toys That Will Blow Your Mind

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8 Facts about Sex Toys That Will Blow Your Mind 23

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8 Facts about Sex Toys That Will Blow Your Mind

We should all know the essentials and fundamentals with regards to sexual intercourse and lovemaking: Always ask for permission, always make use of the condom, do not engage in unprotected sex with multiple partners. Take care of your companions’ necessities, always make time for your partner and enjoy intimate moments by using sex toys together whenever possible. However, just knowing some basic steps and methods like how to passionately go down on your partner and get dirty with your partner alone won't let you go anywhere near the gold spot at the end of the show. It's the little-known secrets that will make you a rock star in bed and make you more intelligent so you can greatly increase the sexual pleasure with your partner.

For the next moment when you think about getting kinky with your partner, we are going to some interesting points about sex like letting your girlfriend experiment with a female sex toy and several other things that will incite the beast inside you, stimulate your brain for awesome sex and bring more vitality downstairs:

1) Your partner may be thinking about someone else when he or she is having sex with you - As indicated by an examination conducted by a British sex toy company it is found that almost 50% of all ladies and women fantasize about different men while having sex in bed with their partners.

2) The study showed 46% of all women at a certain point think about some other men during making love to their boyfriends or husbands, as compared to 42% of men. But, it is important to remember that the investigation was done only on 1,300 straight ladies, so this conclusion doesn't make a difference to every individual who is identified as a lady.

3) Well, nobody knows the reason why most of the women think about other guys while having sex with some other men, however, it is possible that their partners are unable to satisfy their sexual desires completely.

4) Other than men, lesbians have the maximum number of orgasms - An examination distributed in The Journal of Sexual Medicine took the reviews from 6,151 single adult men by arranging to know the relationship between sexual orientation of a person and how often the men achieve orgasms during sex. For men, the outcomes aren't unexpected. Majority of the Straight men achieve orgasms 85.5 per cent of the time while having sex with a partner or using male sex toys during masturbation, whereas gay men and lesbians 84.7 per cent of the time, and bisexual men tend to reach climaxes 77.6 per cent.

5) When women were interviewed, the gap was much larger. Women who are lesbian climaxed a maximum of 74.7%, straight ladies reach orgasms 61.6 per cent of all the time they spend during sex and bisexual women achieve climax 58 per cent. It was concluded in studies that women who like their partner more to go down on them and stimulate clitoris and g-spot instead of focusing only on penetration in vagina or anus, are more prone and close to reaching orgasms as compared to those who care about penetrative sex more.

6) So, the lesson of the story is that it does not matter who you are sleeping with, get more experimental with your partner while having sex in bed and give more efforts to foreplay and touching your partner sexually because women are more complicated than men and are filled with secrets when it comes to sex, but learning and experimenting are what that makes it more fun and exciting.

7) Women can achieve orgasms with nipple alone as well – If you are a woman and love playing with your nipples, Congratulations! Science has got some great tips for you to up your love game in bed with your partner. Nipple orgasms are real and women can achieve these kinds of orgasms especially those who are more sensitive to touch in the area around nipples. A brain imaging study also called FMRI posted in the Journal of sexual medicine, represented that women’s brain parts get activated the same way when they feel pleasure when their partner goes down on 

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