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What is Chatterbate Website About..? 21

Disclaimer: This Page section is for mature audiences who are adults 18 years and above. If you are below 18, Please close the website. View at your discretion.


What is the chatterbate website about?

Check Chatterbate for an Online Sex Toys item store Caming Website. Chaturbate is an adult chat room and webcam website. It was founded in 2010 by a man named Jeff Scott (JeffScott.org) who had been running a similar website called JTV for about seven years. What makes Chatterbate different from other webcam sites is the emphasis it puts on privacy. There are no banners, no pop-up ads, no sponsored links, no registration required, and you can remain completely anonymous... unless... you choose to use your real name when you sign up. chatterbate has over 8 million users and over 3.5 million of those are female. There are currently about 60,000 people using the site every day. That means at least 200 new people are visiting the site every second. If you use Google's "analytics" tool, you can see the top countries from which Chaturbate visitors come. Here is the breakdown for the last 30 days: United States 27% India 13% Philippines 6% Canada 5% Thailand 4% Vietnam 3% Pakistan 2% Brazil 2% Mexico 1% Germany 1% Australia 1% Russia 1% Spain 1% chatter ate does not keep any identifying information about their users whatsoever... including...

1. Certainly not Their Real Names! What this means is, on Chaturbate, it's very difficult for advertisers to know who their customers are. It also makes it very hard for pornographers to identify who is watching their videos. On the other hand, it makes it infinitely easier for parents to keep an eye on what their kids are viewing. Chaturbate has several features that make it especially appealing to parents:

2. There Is No Download Necessary To Watch The Videos. You can simply watch the video stream directly in your web browser.

3. There Are No Pop-Up Ads Or Banners.

4. The Videos Can Be Watched In Full-Screen Mode With No Interruptions.

5. The Videos Play At A Very Fast Rate So You Can Fast Forward Through The More Seductive Moments... If... You Want To!

6. There Are No Captcha Or Password Requirements To Interrupt Your Viewing Experience!

Why do camgirls prefer Chaturbate to other platforms?

It's a simple question with a very complex answer. Many factors determine whether a camgirl will choose one platform over another, but the most important one is simply... How Much Money She Makes On That Platform!

1. Besides the obvious factor of money, several others come into play when a camgirl is deciding which platform to work on:

2. Traffic: Does the platform have more or less traffic than the other one she is using? If there is a lot of traffic on the other one, it may be because... that platform is preferred by more experienced camgirls who have made their money working on that site and are now migrating to a new site where they can make even more money. Therefore, if the newer camgirl wants to make the most money, she should stick with the less popular (and thus... lower-paying) site. The reverse is also true. If there is not as much traffic on the other side, it may mean that the newer camgirl has found a site that is more profitable than the one she is currently working on. In this case, she should probably migrate to the more popular site (which will almost certainly result in a dramatic increase in her bottom-line profits).

3. Customer Service:

Is customer service good or bad? If it's bad, that will affect how much money a camgirl makes. Some women (incredibly over-carelessly) will refuse to work for a company with lousy customer service. Other women (most of them completely anal-retentive) will work only for a company with A+ customer service. Most camgirls fall into the second category. They will work only for a company with great customer service. You see, the average customer service experience from a company like Yahoo! or Google is truly world-class. It's so good that... even camgirls with perfect 10s from these companies complain about their service. Why? Simply because... they expect better! 4. Technical Support: Does the company have good or bad technical support? This varies a lot, too. Some tech support is just amazingly helpful while other tech support is just stupidly and annoyingly incompetent. The difference is obvious. The obviously competent tech support folks will make sure your camgirl site runs like clockwork. The morons will do nothing but irritate you.

conclusion about chatterbate.io

All in all, chatterbate.io is a site that is very much worth checking out if you are at all interested in adult entertainment. Whether you end up using their website to get some hot sex or not, it will certainly have been worthwhile visiting. There's something for everyone here... and... it's ALL free! That is NOT the case with almost every other website of this nature we've reviewed here.

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