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Way to 15 Minute Orgasm for Females

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Basically, this wouldn’t be a typo. It would be typically possible for climaxing till that long if you’re good on following instructions through Timothy Ferris book “The 4-Hour Body” and the guy behind the bestseller the 4 Hour Workweek. So, the basic thing you can do is pass on this information to your guy, reschedule or cancel all the plans tonight, and be ready for loads of pleasure with female and male sex toys.
Step 1– Become undressed and lie on the back through the help of neck support or pillow. Your legs can spread well and get bent; feet must be kept together in the butterfly position. This would also make your hips comfortable in both sides; the pillows are needed to be put beneath your knees. If you know how to use male sex toys you can also bring on more pleasure and fun for your guy. Your guy has to sit on right side on the top of at least two pillows and also straddle bent left leg facing perpendicularly across her torso, foot kept flat on opposite side. (This would almost look as if he’s lying on top with reverse cowgirl position, except his total weight will shift to your side torso. Use female and male sex toys for pleasure enhancement.
Step 2 – With this move you can easily separate the idea and retract clitoral hood in upward direction with heel of the palm. Later, he can anchor clitoris with right thumb while holding your hood back. Also, he can push down hand under your butt, two fingers inside the cheek, while the thumb rests on it the base of vagina entrance. Knowing how to use male sex toys can make your guy orgasm as well.
Step 3 – Here the guy has to imagine that he’s directly looking at clitoris being in between legs, with clitoris top as 12’o’clock shape forms. Later, he’ll find the 1 pm – this would be similar to a little indentation or the pocket between clitoris and the hood- with the help of his right hands index finger you can start stroking through the lightest possible touch and only 1/16” or so through the movement. Using fingertip would be a lot better than pad, so cutting nails would be a good idea. Benefit of male sex toys in foreplay are great for bringing in orgasm really quick.

Step 4 – Once you’re able to find it, you can easily take more than a little touch. So you can stroke just like a metronome at constant speeds for the time period of three minutes with changing speeds between periods. This can be easily kept up for around 15 minutes. Thus, now you’re most likely to go through a phase of pleasure. Benefit of male sex toys in such situation can be immense and the proper use can be initiated as well. If contractions are a little too much, you can breathe in deeply and push out slightly like you’re going it pee. With this you can prolong the plateau phase and lessen the fatigue.Use of sex toys for men and women can be ideal in such situations.
Step 5 – After the time gap of 15 minutes you can indulge in a move known as “grounding”, meaning applying pressure done pubic bone and upwards your head through the use of overlapping hand. Typically, stronger pressure would be favorable for ending sessions. Sex toys for boys and girls are great for inducing pleasure for long and short term. We know that it sounds a little simple to bring 15-minute climax. However, the author himself tested this out and spoke with many sexperts to get the right process including the use of Sex toys for boys and women.Whether you’re a man or a woman, who wouldn’t love getting their sexual fantasies filled for a longer period. You can have an orgasm lasting for 15 minutes or more with this little tweak. Further you can bring on creativity and passion in your sex life with such changes and by using sex toys for men and women.

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