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Best Video Hookup Apps in 2023

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Best Video Hookup Apps in 2023

Whether you’re looking for a soul-mate, or you’re just interested in a one-night stand, there’s an online dating platform that’ll be just right for you. In fact, there could be several – there are hundreds of these services available for anyone 18 or older for live sex chat. If you’re on the hunt for your next favorite video hookup app, you might want to check out the options below – there’s a little something for everyone.


The average dating app tends to have more male users than female users. At best, they have a 1:1 ratio between men and women. Bumble actually has more female users compared to males, and it’s designed to let the women take the lead in the way they engage with other users. It’s up to women to send the first message, for example, and if anybody “likes” a profile by accident, they can use the “Backtrack” feature to undo it. Keep in mind, though, that most Bumble users are more interested in a serious relationship than a hookup.


As the app that gave rise to the “swipe right” phenomenon, Tinder is probably already on your radar. It’s free, LGBT-friendly, and makes it easy to find dates near your area. You can chat for free, have live video chats with your matches, and share photos in private. Of course, any free app is going to come with some fake profiles or catfishing attempts, but as long as you’re watching out for red flags, they aren’t difficult to spot. All in all, Tinder is a great starting point if you want to enter the world of casual online dating.

Adult Friend Finder

If you want to find hookups ASAP, Adult Friend Finder is the way to go. It’s a sex-centric hookup app that offers erotic blogs, live cams, and a huge user base. With an 8:2 male-female ratio, it might be hard for guys to find a match; that being said, using their filters strategically will definitely improve your chances. You can search by age, gender, and even by kink, which helps you narrow down the options a lot more efficiently. The free version of the app has a lot of ads, but starting a $19.95/month you can get rid of them, plus access a few cool features.


Here’s another hookup app that, surprisingly, has more women than men. Finding casual sex here is a breeze, but there’s a catch – this is a sugar daddy site. If you’re a guy looking for a hookup, you’d better be prepared to spend some money. If you’re a girl, you’ll be able to join for free, but you’ll also be competing with a ton of other women looking for a sugar daddy. Of course, you may be in the reverse situation – a sugar momma looking for an attractive young man. Whatever the case, this app is for people looking for a certain type of hookup.


If you approach online dating like a speed-shopper approaches the weekly grocery run, you’ll love the Pure app. It’s designed with superior user security in mind, women use it for free, and it’s LGBT-friendly. Oh, and your profile self-deletes after one hour. Yes, you read that right; this app is made to leave no trace behind. This won’t work for everyone, but a major advantage of this feature is that users make up their minds quickly. There’s no time to waffle around before making a decision, so if there’s even a small chance that you could hit it off with someone, you’ll probably be able to seal the deal right then.


Some people feel a bit awkward about bringing up their intentions right off the bat, but not Feeld users. This app caters to open-minded people who are interested in ethical dating, whether they’re singles or couples. You’ll have the option to browse incognito if you’d prefer to conceal your identity, which is great for those who are shy about breaking the ice. You’ll also be required to link your Facebook account (which minimizes the presence of stalkers), but this can also be a drawback if you’d prefer to keep your full identity off of the app.

Craigslist Activity Partners

You can find more than used boats and cabinet handles on Craigslist; you can also find hookups! It’s totally free, and uses newspaper-style personal ads to find like-minded people. You can stay completely anonymous if you want, which is recommended since this is also the perfect setup for romance scammers. While it may not be the most effective way to find a hookup online, it’s both anonymous and free, which is all some people want.


Not many hookup apps show the kink community a lot of love, but FetLife is here to change that. Think of it as a dating hub for anyone with a kink or a fetish – you can find just about anything on this app. With millions of active users, you’ll have plenty of options; you can even filter to find only matches near you. Be aware, though, that about 75% of them are male; if you’re a guy, you’ll have lots of competition. The free version of the app is extremely basic, but the paid version (at only $5/month) gives you a lot more features to play around with.

Reddit Dirty R4R

As another free hookup app, Reddit Dirty R4R has its pros and cons. Everyone talks openly about their preferences, kinks, and goals for a hookup, but actually nailing down a date can be tough. In the meantime, though, you can get into some sexting if you meet the right person. Another drawback is that there’s a fairly limited user base, meaning that you could have a hard time finding a hookup in your area. Even so, it’s a pretty active dating forum that a lot of people love using.

Try one – or try them all!

If something has caught your eye, go ahead and see what it’s all about. You never know when you’ll get lucky on a video hookup app!

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