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Best Remote Control Sex Toy for Long-Distance Relationship

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Best Remote Control Sex Toy for Long-Distance Relationship 

For a couple having long distance relationship is not an easy task, it is tough job. Anyone who has ever been into long distance relationship knows it pretty well that whether you are living just a miles away or you are separated by oceans, not getting connected to each other for a longer period of time and not seeing each other for long a long stretch requires some skills and creativity to maintain love, intimacy and stay emotionally attached with the person. All night sexting, breathless phone calls, love notes, gifts, but nowadays technology has made it quite easy to bond in totally newer and creative ways that were not possible before. 

 Thanks to Adultscare’s sex equipment and women sex toys made exclusively for long distance relationship couples. Adding to this, with the advent of video meeting apps like Google meet, Zoom and Skype, one can get the feel like you are sitting right next to the person you love and can touch him/her. 

Happily, you have the option you can touch yourself and with the help of best Bluetooth sex toys available in our sex store, it will feel like your partner is also participating with your action. From app controlled adult products to vibrating panties, we are the future of the wireless Bluetooth-enabled sexual intercourse and pleasure. Though we are not sure that these toys will help you save your troubled marriage but they will keep your sex frustration at bay and keep things enjoyable and fresh for you and make sure that you don’t forget to use plenty of personal lubricant while jumping into the live action. Here are some long distance sex toys for couples that will help you stay closer to your partner until you get back into your partner’s arms: 

Nora by lovesense

A state of the art sex toy helpful for long distance trysts and it is one of the internet connected sex toy that you can use to control your partner’s orgasms with the click of the button sitting miles away from him/her. It is a rabbit vibrator that can be controlled by an app and has 4 vibrating patterns. 

Max 2

For males, this is a masturbator for men that is designed to be used for solo pleasure. You can adjust the vibrations of vagina like sleeve using a remote controlled app or a software program while offering 7 vibrating sensations.

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