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Asian Cam Girls Play Hard with Sex Toys 25

Disclaimer: This Page section is for mature audiences who are adults 18 years and above. If you are below 18, please close the website. View at your discretion

Cam Girls Play Hard with Sex Toys

When I get involved in something, I enmesh myself wholly. So, when I choose to be a cam girl, I won’t lie...  I was so nervous at first because I was sharing something intimate with total strangers on the internet. It was not something I always dreamed of. I know it is hard to believe, but I have never used a sex toy even in my college days, it was around my mid-twenties when I realized that I love enjoying sex, it made me feel good, not just good but fucking great. And earning from something which we enjoy is all we want. It took me a whole week to set up my studio, from selecting lights, a perfect camera with HD visualization, selecting a toy that gives me amazing stimulations so that I don’t have to fake it & I can be more real, a whole closet of sexy lingerie and costumes and most importantly to find the perfect site which I can trust, with a huge number of views (because views=fans, fans=tippers, and tippers =someextra money) and C2C porn site provides a huge number of fans and is also a trustworthy site. Totally recommendable if you are new to webcam stuff. 

From my own experience, I am going to tell you a few tips about how you can play hard with the camera.

People usually think that being a cam girl is very easy, all you must do is get naked and bam cash raining all over you. But in reality, it is way more than that, you have to work hard on yourself, To be a good cam girl, you have to be friendly, flirty, confident in yourself, and most importantly comfortable in performing naughty things in front of live cam, while thousands of people are watching you.  So here I am going to share my personal experience tips with you:

  • Confidence: The first and most important thing you need is confidence. The quote we heard our whole life “Confidence is the key to success” is applied right here.  You are going to get naked here, and people are watching you, so you need to be confident because it is going to reflect your personality and how you are treating your viewers. They need to be satisfied with what they are watching. 
  • Good profile: - Some girls forget how important a good profile is when you are starting your career as a webcam girl. It is necessary because it is the first thing they are going to see when they click on you, so make it worthwhile watching. A good profile will attract more viewers towards you but if it is not good then get ready for the opposite action. Putting sultry pictures is always a win-win situation. So put your all heart on your profile.
  • Dress to Kill: - Having a great sexy lingerie collection is a must for a cam girl. Because they don’t want you to see naked directly, of course, viewers want you to see naked...  but a little teasing by removing clothes will bring more audience. Always make sure that you know for how much of the time, you do your striptease because you don’t want to bore your audience. A diverse wardrobe and lingerie drawer are recommended. 

**This point is all-important for a successful webcam show: get yourself a wide collection of sex toys.

Given the nature of work, you want a huge collection of sex toys. Make sure to invest in a good and different type of sex toy. Using different sex toys along with accessories that spice the whole situation will diversify the broadcast and keep it entertaining.

  • Hand-free fun: - Dildos are great; zero doubt in that but using dildos in a webcam show is not always flattering. Yes, some viewers love dildo shows, but I recommend you go for remote control vibrators, and you can also use dildo-looking vibrators. Because your audience will love your hands doing other things too, while you are penetrating yourself with vibrators or other toys. Doing more things will attract more audiences. Choose your toy according to your audience. My personal favorite is a Pink Rabbit Vibrator.
  • Sexy moves: - The thing that you really need to work on is your moves. Most of the viewers come to you for arousal and if you are sitting there doing nothing will not attract your audience, so turn the music on and let your body do all the magic with your sexy moves and grooves. Whether you are doing a strip show or a sexy pole dance or twerking your hips, just make sure you practice it well. The more the seductive moves, the greater the show it will be. When you start playing with toys, keep changing your positions, do not stick to one position, and try innovative things with your toys. All these things will engage a good audience for you.
  • Be available: - If you want to be a successful camgirl, you must be punctual to your routine. I know webcamming is like a freelancing job, but still, you must be regular. Always try to come live at your time. This will let your audience know about your time, & they will join you. And more frequently you will act or do your broadcast, financially it will benefit you, and your growth. So, stick to your timetable.

In the end, I would like to tell you that, always know what your audience wants & what kind of audience you have. Hence it is good to do your homework for your audience. Everyone has their kinks and desires, so work according to them & you can make more money and tips, which will benefit you…  

I hope with all my tips you know how to rock with your work, still, you are worried about the platform? Babe, C2C porn is the site that you can trust. 

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