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Are Dildos Better Than Men?

Are Dildos Better Than Men? 01

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A Quick Look At The Men vs Dildos Debate

It is very difficult to believe when people say they have a problem using sex toys, it is not like they hate female sex toys dildos made of silicone or rubber but it is simply the comparison of the feeling that they tend to get by the lover against using dildos and vibrators in bed. Hence, the debate is still ongoing to conclude are vibrators and female masturbators are better than real men.

What is it that is so daunting about a molded dildo made of a flexible substance such as silicone or rubber? Or it could be possibly the design or size as well. It may be the fact that you are worried that your girl will prefer to use a sex toy Store because of its ridges and shape than being seduced by her charming boyfriend.

There are many people in the world who joke about independent women, feminist women, and liberal women. There are some women who felt that their sex is being repressed and constrained for several centuries as the ‘weaker’ or ‘inferior gender’.

Now The Question Arises Why A Dildo Is Better Than Men?

It is because a dildo can’t cut down the lawn

Because a dildo can’t provide stimulation stronger enough to help women reach orgasm and some dildos also stop vibrating at a certain point

Because a dildo will never prompt you or ask you if it is bigger than all other dildos you have used in the past

Because you don’t care about where the dildo has been used before

Because a dildo won’t ask you to swallow

Of course, there are dildos available that are much bigger in size than men. If vibrators had the capacity and it could deliver the drink, then I think women won’t need men at all.

All these and there are more and more attacks that have been successful, have been launched at men to hurt their ego and destroy the natural erotic source of their dignity, their penises which are the symbols of their manhood and their masculinity.

When asked women what they liked most about dildos, their answer was that they really liked the throbbing, warm thrusting of a real penis. Guys, there is no need to worry about your capabilities and feel insecure; you still got the best and original tool which is the best one!

Are Dildos Better Than Men?

I think, in my opinion, men have used their hands on the penis for centuries. This is quite a normal and usual part of a man’s life, sex life or we can say adult life. Women feel obliged for any kind of attention, maybe sexual or emotional, that they get from the men in their lives.

Now, when we talk about women's pleasure, there is some products and ways girls can use to stimulate their sex organs and get sexual pleasure. They have got fingers as well as female masturbators and vibrators. All of this is because now solo female pleasure toy is no longer considered as a sinful, or a dirty wrongful act anymore. Men masturbate, well guess what? Women also do.

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