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3 ways to keep your relationship sparkling

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3 ways to keep your relationship sparkling 10

3 ways to keep your relationship sparkling

More often, after years in a relationship, you might be losing excitement, because when we are with each other a lot or spending most of the time together, perhaps living together, which also changes the whole dynamic of a relationship. When a relationship is new, it always feels like a honeymoon phase, you’re so in love, always have butterflies in your stomach and it’s just overall very exciting. The feeling of seeing each other or thinking about each other all the time that gives you a butterfly possible has gone away & it is something that both partners have to solve together. Because in a relationship doing everything together is the magic potion that does all the magic. A healthy relationship requires everything space, trust, complementing each other, mystery, patience, pushing each other in their hard times, conversation, prioritizing each other, and spicing up things with love.

We are going to talk about 3 ways by which you can reignite the spark and the passion:

1. Keeping a little intimacy alive: A little squeeze of touch can really keep the intimacy alive in a relationship, holding hands, hugging or kissing every single time you see the other person, always keeping little notes for each other, when you are going somewhere or the other person going out, these little things gonna make things better for you two. Try to explore each other's hidden fantasies. Don't just stick to a bedroom for making love, arrange a rooftop decor with some fine wine & dine or surprise your beau by playing their favorite roleplay characters & making love to 'em in unexpected ways.

2. Adding Adult Toys: Adding some props in your daily sex life can be worthwhile. It is a great way to add excitement & achieve orgasm or make it more intense while achieving it. Sex Toys are fun, exciting and a great tool to have in your bedroom for your pleasure.

Usually, couple hesitates to talk about their desires but when they open up, it only benefits their partnered relationship. To keep that spark alive, you can always add vibrators, dildos, Couple Toys, penis toys, anal toys....  & so much more.

3. Giving BDSM a shot:  For everlasting pleasure, taking things a level up is always a good option. According to research, BDSM is a very common fantasy that a lot of couples wanna give a shot at, in their relationship. Initially, when we talk or hear about BDSM, it always sounds illicit but it is not, BDSM is a practice that is going to benefit your relationship. BDSM is not only about dominance and submissive but also about role play, bondage, impact play, sensations, and edge play. There are so many BDSM toys, you can try - from sex swings to chastity cages to anal hooks, a lot of toys are available in the online adult stores. BDSM is also good for mental health and helps to reduce your daily life stress, which benefits your relationship. Because when you are mentally stable, you can focus on your relationship more often.

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