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2pcs Spiral Metal Anal Prostate Jewelry Butt Plug

2pcs Spiral Metal Anal Prostate Jewelry Butt Plug


Availability: Only 20 left

Rs. 5999 Rs. 3499


Material: Metal

Size: 70m, 80.5cm

Weight: 54g, 97g

Jewelry: Random Color


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Created from cool and weighty metal, this chill-inducing butt plug offers intense anal pleasure finished with a sparkling crystal. Enjoy every moment of insertion as you ease the plugin and delight in the extra sensations its cool body brings. Increasing in size once past a tapered tip, the Rouge Garments Stainless Steel Threaded Butt Plug thrills sensitive areas without shocking the anal muscles and sphincter. A long neck tapered just under the largest point helps hold the plug in place during wear while a widely flanged base fits comfortably between the butt-cheeks, naturally preventing too-deep penetration.

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