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3 Bead Anal Plug Soft Jelly

3 Bead Anal Plug Soft Jelly


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Length: 13cm

Bead Diameter: 2cm, 2.4cm, 2.6cm

Made of non-toxic soft 100% Silicone

Easy to use and operate  

Package: 1 Pcs


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This 3 Bead Anal Plug Soft Jelly is the perfect tool for exploring and enjoying anal stimulation. Made from ultra-smooth and soft jelly material, this plug is designed to provide a comfortable, yet stimulating experience. It features three beads that gradually increase in size from the tip to the base, allowing you to slowly and safely explore the sensations of anal play. The broad base ensures that the plug remains secure and comfortable during use, and the ergonomic shape makes it easy to insert and remove. Enjoy the heightened pleasure and intense stimulation with the 3 Bead Anal Plug Soft Jelly!


  1. Smooth surface, no harm to your body 
  2. Easy to care for and clean with silicone material 
  3. Functions: Anal Sex Toys for Men and Women, Women's Masturbation Toys 
  4. Package: 1 Pcs

Tips: It would be the perfect experience to combine with lubricant! 

How To Use

  1. Wash the anal plug with warm water and soap before use.
  2. Apply water-based lubricant to the plug and the anal area to make insertion easier and more comfortable.
  3. Start with the smallest bead and gently insert it into the anus.
  4. Slowly slide the plug in and out, using your hand or a partner to help guide it.
  5. Once you're comfortable with the first bead, move on to the second and third beads, pausing in between to adjust and get used to the sensations.
  6. Use the flared base to prevent the plug from being inserted too far and to easily remove it when you're done.
  7. Wash the plug with warm water and soap after use, and store it in a clean and dry place for next time.
  8. Remember to communicate with your partner and stop immediately if you experience pain or discomfort.

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