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Introduction to Adultscare

 Buying Sex toys and Dildos had always been difficult as one doesn’t feel comfortable visiting the store and purchasing them. From our school days, we used to think about dates and species and Darwin and Genesis. Everything starts with Sex. What matters most is to get laid, to uncover the wild secrets of the flesh. Therefore, the internet is the right and most discreet way to buy Sex Toys.  Sex is an excellent act of intimacy that brings 2 people together physically and emotionally. It is an exceptional way to reach the legendary moment of what we call an orgasm whenever you want.

  Adultscare CARE for you:

 So while liberation and acceptance are sweeping across India, it's still not considered a fully open format. As we advance in our endorsement and adoption of purchasing sexual toys in India for healthy and happy sexuality, everyone is progressing at their own pace. Education is incredibly important- just as important as the adult toys themselves! We are changing, evolving, and growing. Sex positivity and personal empowerment improve relationships with our loved ones and ourselves. It should be fun, exciting, and as always- respectful. We at Adultscare think that sex toys are just one way to create a healthy and happy sexual lifestyle. We like to contribute to and do our part to ensure everyone can freely express themselves sexually in any way they want. Therefore we offer a vast range of products for people to choose from. Think playful gadgets like handcuffs, sex games, sexy lingerie, and roleplaying costumes. 

 You are SAFE with us:

 Our customer care is very knowledgeable, friendly and quick to help visitors with any inquiry. We understand the delicacy of these personal items, so we offer discreet billing and shipping and ensure we leave no trail of the content of the items anywhere. To ensure people can safely use their payment options, we offer a secure payment environment to keep things safe and straightforward.

 Things to keep in mind while making your first purchase in the adult store!

  If you are the first timer, we feel your struggle; trust us. We all have been in your place, but everything becomes easy once you find your preferences, likes, and dislikes. If you step inside an adult toy store and do not know exactly what to look for (dildos, vibrators, stimulators, and other paraphernalia), you’ll be intimidated and overwhelmed. Don’t worry; you’re not the only one with that feeling. In terms of body-safe, a lot of healthy sex toys probably do exist in stores you’re interested in visiting.

 Here are some helpful buying tips to get a sex toy that fits your needs and is also made of entirely body-safe materials.

 1.Take Your Time and Do Your Research:

 It is all about YOU! Don’t feel rushed to settle on the first toy you see. Sure, there are some well-known classics like the rabbit vibrator seen in Sex and The City, and while those are still popular, there is no universal “magic bullet” for everyone (see what I did there?). G-spot toys? Butt plugs? BDSM tools? Think about what excites you and where you feel that in your body. But also, if something is intriguing, go and explore it! Don’t be afraid to explore different feelings and urges.

 2. What Brings You To Climax:

 You may ask what the best sex toy you’ve got is. Considering other factors, there may be better things to ask in the store. Everyone needs to remember that: “Different strokes for different folks.” That’s one golden rule in choosing a suitable sex toy. Some women need to give more attention to their clit to reach orgasm faster, stronger or just to simply orgasm. Not everyone can get off, and clitoral stimulators can sometimes help. So go for a sex toy aimed to spark up your vulva. Instead of buying a vibrator or dildo, which focuses more on internal stimulation, a clitoral stimulator serves as the correct purchase.

 3. Lube for your tube:

 Lube is great whether you’re a rookie or a sex toy expert. It decreases friction, making it a much smoother and more enjoyable experience. We highly recommend water-based lube as it won’t interfere with the material in sex toys. The “rule-of-thumb” used to be that silicone lube breaks down silicone toys. However, in our experience, we have found that silicone lube is fine as long as your toy is 100% silicone and not mixed with other materials (which is pretty standard among cheaper sex toys). As always, be sure to do a spot test beforehand!

 If you’re still not getting answers, we recommend you step out of the store and research sex toys you’re interested in purchasing. The internet and some organizations provide great sources to start with. Also, many people have found reputable companies well-versed in adult toy safety and are determined to educate the public about them. And we are always here to visit anytime you want to. As everyone would say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Popular Categories Of Sexual Products & Toys Available at Adultscare

 At Adultscare, we have covered you with information on all types of sex toys for men, women, couples & even for the LGBT community. You can learn these products even for your first night, honeymoon, as an anniversary gift for your partner, or pick a naughty wedding gift for your best friend and more such occasions all in one store.


Female Sex Toys

 Female masturbation has taken a positive turn for a few years now, thanks to new-age films and digital technology. To meet the growing expectation and to provide more choices, we have different types of information on sex toys for women that include dildos, anal sex toys, kegel balls, clitoral vibrators, G-spot vibrators, massager wands and much more.


• Vibrators 

 Known as the best toy for women it is used for extreme pleasure. You can find multiple vibrators for women like the Rabbit, Remote-controlled, G-spot, Clitoral and wands for both vaginal and clitoral stimulation.


• Sexy Lingerie

 Your sexiness can lead to a great sex episode. Hence, we also have various types of  babydoll dresses & lingerie with different materials and sizes to suit your body, which includes bras and panties, chemises, corsets and stockings. So, go Naughty and Sexy with your partner!


• Female Sexual Enhancement

 From clitoral, vaginal, anal creams, oils and sprays to silicone and water-based lubricants, we have many options for your self-exploration experience even better. It also includes herbal and ayurvedic supplements and arousal gels & liquids..


• Female Sexual Hygiene

 Products like intimate whitening cream for vaginal and anal, close shaving glide, aftershave spray for smooth tight skin and intimate and sex toy cleaners are available with us.


• Kegel Balls

 Ben Wa Balls are small, weighted vaginal strengthening & pleasure balls designed to be inserted into the vagina.



Male Sex Toys

 You may get many types of sex toys for men, but getting the best ones at affordable prices is rare to find. Hence, to make your purchase pocket-friendly, we have several male sex toys for you to choose from. Vibrating and non-vibrating cock rings in uniquely textured designs to various textured masturbators made from high-quality silicone material to experience the ultimate masturbation and anal toys in funky shapes to give a new version to your sexual play.


• Male Masturbator

 Man's Best Friend for solo play is a hollow toy wherein you insert your penis and enjoy self-satisfaction! A masturbator for men can be vibrating or nonvibrating, depending on the purpose.


• Sex Dolls

 These are human-like dolls that provide the real touch experience of the whole human body. Sex dolls come in different genders, body shapes & designs for better exposure.


• Male Sexual Enhancement

 Men love sex any time of the day, but maintaining arousal can give them a tough time over the period. So to help them to provide a better performance in bed, we have delay sprays and creams to prevent Premature Ejaculation, erection sprays, and lotions to treat erectile dysfunction and build their sexual energy and vitality.


• Penis Rings

 This sex accessory is primarily used to maintain a more prolonged & more rigid erection. It does so by preventing blood from flowing back down the penis. The vibrating ones can be used for pleasure purposes. Penis Rings are worn around the balls & Penis.


• Penis Extender

  It is a non-invasive device that uses traction to stretch your penis from an average length. Increase size with a Penis sleeve by wearing the device wherever you go.

Couple toys

 Couples require added spice to their daily routine. You can use sex toys to spice up your life. It can be fun to try something new and shed any inhibitions that either partner may have. It would help if you estimated your partner's reactions before introducing them to your bedroom. Nevertheless, it can be a great way to surprise your partner too.


• Couple games

 Name the 'couple bedroom games', and we have it! Choose various games like edible fun, drinking games, card games, bachelorette and more.


• Anal Toys

 To get an orgasm with the Help of your anus, use butt plugs. These can help in getting an orgasm or feeling pleasurable. You can never go wrong with anal sex toys; Anal beads, Prostate massager, Anal vibrator and many more for fun.


• Condoms

 Best contraception avoids pregnancy and effectively reduces the risk of STDs like HIV/AIDS. You will find dotted, ribbed, ultra-thin and flavored.


• Couple Sex Toys

 Couple sex toys include anal toys, finger sleeves, and vibrating and non-vibrating penis ring specially designed to stimulate both partners.

 BDSM kit

 With our range of BDSM sex toys for couples, you are in absolute control despite the bondage, whether having an extra key to the cuffs and chastity cages or having a ball gag with a hole that allows you to breathe. Introducing BDSM toys also will enable you to enhance the experience by adding layers of sensory deprivation using blindfolds or adding to the sensory experience with soft floggers and feathers.

 Say no to DIY experiments and buy our exclusive range of sex toys and BDSM toys. We are here to make your sex life better and complete with adventure and ORGASM.


Our adult product collection that keep you high on 2023

 The pleasure of finding satisfaction in yourself has been practiced by a majority of the population across the globe, irrespective of their relationship status.

On the one hand, finding pleasure through oneself makes a person independent. Still, on the other hand, various other factors also make finding self-pleasure a lot more worthy than seeing it through the means of some other person. Different pointers like safety, free of guilt, secrecy from society, and so on play a significant role in upholding the finding of self-pleasure. You can always go right with our collection.


Here are our top products you can choose anytime, anywhere:

 1. Dildo:

 Dildo for Women is created for penetration but is used in multiple forms. Dildos are commonly phallic-shaped with a designated end similar to a human penis. Dildos come various many different styles, materials, circumferences, and sizes. A dildo use can boost many sexual experiences, including clitoral provocation, vaginal penetration, and anal penetration. Dildos are the new women's best friends now. It is usually referred to as artificial penises made of rubber, silicone, glass, metal, small details like penis nerves and a twisted penis head. All these silicone penis toys look close to a natural penis.


2. Male masturbator:

 Women have always had their pick when it comes to sex, and on the other side, men have to satisfy  themselves with whatever he gets. But why should women have all the fun? That is why every guy must have a male masturbator next to their bed. Masturbation toys for men are carefully curated products that go the extra mile and assist them in achieving priceless orgasms. There are great for the stunt, delaying, or hastening your orgasms. Using men's masturbator products can also incorporate their deepest desires and fantasies despite their privacy. Several products range from fake vagina masturbators, vagina toys and even sex machines for men.


 3. Sex doll:

 A sex doll is a pleasure toy for males. It looks like an actual human from top to bottom. It's made of silicone material that feels like natural skin and is ultra-soft. With a high-quality adult doll, men can experience the best real sex without their partner or even if they are single. Well, sex dolls are available in many different kinds online in India. Sex dolls can be beneficial when it comes to gaining confidence in the bedroom - a rare quality for men to possess in the modern world! Our world-class collection of incredibly lifelike sex dolls provides you with the ultimate sexual satisfaction and makes masturbation even more fun! These erotic dolls, made from either plastic or pure silicone components, are made to look and feel just like real Women.


4. Penis enlargement pump:

 Not even a single man does not desire to have a bigger penis, irrespective of his current size. Our selected penis enlargement products focus on removing the blockage in penis nerves and strengthening it to improve blood circulation further. The improved blood circulation will make the tissues healthy and help them to grow. Although the growth differs from body to body depending upon how early your body responds to the development of tissues. But one thing to be sure of is that penis enlargement is not an overnight job. So make sure to be patient and dedicated enough to the process.


 5. Anal beads:

 Anal sex may be hurtful, but worth it. The selection of anal sex toys is essential. The anal beads can stimulate the nerves in the anal opening and can be used by both sexes. Men can use it to stimulate the prostate, while women can boost their vulva. Anal beads are great sex toys for first-timers or beginners looking to experiment with booty play. Anal beads comprise a series of small spheres attached to a string or a rod, primarily designed for anal play. These badies are made of body-safe materials, come in different sizes for beginners and experts, and usually come with a structural base or ring to handle the device and prevent full Insertion.


6. Sexy lingerie:

 Going on a date or having a fun night with a partner needs sexy dresses, and girls' lingerie matters the most. So buy dream women's lingerie and sexy night wears that you can own, and have fun experimenting with your choice. We have an incredible collection that will make your partner crazy for you.


7. Handcuff:

 Handcuffs come in many different styles, shapes and sizes. They are often used to tie the hands and feet of the submissive partner while the partner in command plays out the entire sexual session. This is an excellent product for your first-time role-play sex and can help ease your way into experimenting with BDSM.

 Movies inspire each of us in all ways. Sex trends in India have changed a lot in the past few years. We also believe that foreplay is an integral part of sex, and hence Adultscare has come up with all kinds of sex toys for women & men, which will make your special nights more special than ever. Now you can also buy bondage kits online from anywhere in India. Spice up your life by saying no to old boring sex and welcoming new Adult India. Now buying adult toys in India is no longer a problem because of Adultscare.


  Cleaning Of Sex Toys

 The words above – Clean, Disinfect, Sanitize, and Sterilize – are all used somewhat interchangeably by those who don't work in medical/health, scientific, or food service industries. So it's essential to know their differences and how they relate to your sex toys and, ultimately, your safety. Clean and adequately storing your sex toys is crucial for keeping them in tip-top shape and long-lasting and essential for your health. While there's nothing "dirty" about genitals, bacteria and organic matter can build up on your toys and spread, so cleaning them thoroughly is essential. Unclean sex toys can introduce bacteria, fungi, and other unwanted pathogens.

  Luckily, this is entirely preventable—get into the habit of wiping them down after use, and it will become as natural as thoroughly washing your hands. Those 20 seconds aren't that bad. Here's how to do it. One of the safest ways of cleaning your sex toy is with a sex toy cleaning spray or any other high-quality disinfectant that is silicone friendly. Remove batteries before cleaning battery-operated toys. Spray the cleaner over the entire surface area, then wipe with a clean cloth. Then, rinse it thoroughly with warm water and mild soap, and let it dry completely before putting it away. For sex toys like male masturbators, AKA fleshlights, remove the inner sleeve for cleaning and put it back in its case once it has dried completely.

 Non-porous sex toy material means that microorganisms cannot penetrate the fabric and hide to grow and infect you later. Some materials may have tiny pores in them, but their pores are smaller than the size of the infection. Each fabric has a different reaction. That is why learning about each material is quite helpful.


1. Metal (Stainless steel or aluminum) toys are non-porous. They can be soaked in a toy cleaner or rubbing alcohol, boiled for 3-5 minutes, or put in the top rack of your dishwasher with no detergent if your dishwasher has a "Sanitize" setting.

 2. Glass is non-porous and can be soaked in a toy cleaner or rubbing alcohol. Heed manufacturer advice on boiling or dishwashing. Most glass safe to use as a sex toy should withstand boiling and dishwasher temperatures, but you'll want to be sure.

 3. Silicone is non-porous and can be sanitized and disinfected with a toy cleaner, rubbing alcohol, boiling, or dishwashing. Wash beforehand to clean.

 4. ABS plastic (hard plastic) is non-porous and can be sanitized and disinfected. It can be soaked in a toy cleanser or wiped down with rubbing alcohol. It would help if you heeded the manufacturer's advice on boiling and dishwashing (most likely, this is a no-go)

 5. Medical Grade TPE is non-porous and can be sanitized and disinfected by being soaked; boiling is generally not recommended. It is uncommon for most toy companies to use a medical-grade version of TPE, but you may find a few non-medical-grade TPE IS porous.


Sex toy cleanser:

Toy cleaners are specially made to clean sex toys without damaging the material. Ingredients vary among brands. Most sex toy cleaners are made of deionized water and gentle surfactants, while some may have anti-fungal and bacteria elements and mild fragrances.


Here is how to use a sex toy cleaner:

 • Remove the battery or unplug your sex toy if it uses plugs or a motor.

• If you are using a foam or gel cleanser, apply a small amount on your sex toy and rub it all around the toy to cover every part.

• If you own a spray cleaner, hold the bottle a few inches away from your sex toy and spray it all over.

• Leave to sit for a few minutes before wiping with a paper towel or clean cloth.

• Please don't use too much cleaner because it would be a waste. A little spritz or mist is enough to go around.



 • Don't use harsh or scented soap when washing your sex toys.

• Don't leave a wet sex toy after washing it; dry it with a clean cloth.

• Don't immerse a leather sex toy in water; clean it with a damp cloth or leather cleaner.


 Why cleaning sex toys are essential:

All of these bacteria may sound scary. Trust us, they are. They are known for hanging out and breeding on un-properly cleaned toys, which could spell disaster for those who like to play dirty but keep things clean downstairs. These bacteria can cause both vaginal and anal health issues. If you want fun with your vibrator without a painfully itchy one, you must thoroughly clean it immediately after use.


When to clean

After you use a sex toy, you should always clean it before you store it. You don't want body fluids drying on it and then sitting in a drawer. Depending on where you keep your toys, you might wish to rinse them off before using them. If your vibrator or dildo is left out or in contact with other objects, it can collect lint, pet hair, or dust and benefit from a quick wash before use.

 Cleaning your sex toys is essential, and you must pay attention to every stage and requirement. The first step is to determine the material your toy is made from because the kind of material determines the cleaning you can do. Now, you can grab your hand on the hygienic product at our store, "Adultscare".


Where to buy the safest sex toys online in India?

 This one question seemed very tough, but in reality, it is one of the easiest things to answer. All you need to do is trust once and eat the sweet fruit rest of your life. And the answer is "Adultscare". Sexual or adult toys are objects that people use for more pleasure during sex or masturbation. Sex toys in India can also be used for medical purposes if sexual dysfunction or a medical condition. These sex toys and sex products are beneficial for sexual health, and it has a rapidly growing market worldwide. Adultscare is a famous sex shop in India to buy sex toys & other sex products. It features the best sex toys in India & you can choose from a wide variety of adult products. You can order online from the sex store or by the provided number. All types of sex toys in India can be found here. We are one of the most trusted names in the online sex toys and products market, which offer affordable & quality sex products for men, women, couples & LGBTQ.


 Why Should You Buy Adult Sex Toys & Sex Accessories At Adultscare?

 Adult products are bold and new for some of us, but a large chunk of the Indian population uses adult toys as a necessary part of their daily lives. This large percentage of the population includes both the young and old. Some are using them to increase the pleasure and fun of their sex routines, and others are using these toys to counter the problems. Sexual or adult toys are objects that people use for more pleasure during sex or masturbation. Sex toys in India can also be used for medical purposes if sexual dysfunction or a medical condition. These sex toys and sex products are beneficial for sexual health, and it has a rapidly growing market worldwide. Adultscare is a famous sex shop in India to buy sex toys & other sex products.

 Adultscare is the future of sex toys in India. As India continues to keep pace with other westernized countries, Indians are becoming more regularly exposed to western cultures and values. Through television, literature, and film, westernized countries impress their liberated views on people from all over the country.


Here are some reasons why to choose Adultscare:

 • You should buy your sexual toys at the adult store-Adultscare, as we suggest various offers for the above orders of 1000 rupees and discreet Delivery. You can easily explore our wide range of sex products & adult toys at our largest sex store. Please place an order or even ask your queries using our WhatsApp number on the website.

• We offer the best quality, affordable & hygienic sex products & Sexual toys.

• Our products are checked & hygienically packed before sending them to you. Also, we ensure the best quality products are delivered to our customers for greater customer satisfaction.

• We follow strict customer privacy & safety policies during the online purchase of sex toys in India.

• Discreet Delivery of adult products & sexual toys is our primary policy & we give it the foremost importance. We ensure that all the sexual products delivered to your doorstep shouldn’t mention any product details & company details.

• We provide strong customer support when you decide to buy adult products from us.

• Our 100% customer satisfaction policy will make you happy whenever you buy sex toys from us. Throughout the buying process, we are ready to support our dear customers. We are just a call away from solving any of your doubts. So why wait ?? Let us help you to have a happy & satisfying sex life. So come, explore & choose your favorite sex products at your trustable sex shop- Adultscare !!!

Sex is in the Act & Position

In the ancient times there came the existence of missionary position first and then Kamasutra concept arrived, along with it several other positions came to test the physical limits in a most sensual sex positions. It showed the humankind the ways to contort; stretch and move your body like never done before to relish the uttermost sexual pleasure. As the time passed by you discovered more positions to heighten your pleasure and to leave you and your partner both utterly glimmering and sexually fulfilled. There was a time when Adults Toy Stores and shops were not available and easily accessible as the E-commerce industry was not revolutionized as much in India as it is now. There were only Sex Stories Books, Porn, Erotica and imagination to get our hands going. You know what is meant by accessibility as right now you are on the best online Adults Toy store. The Sex Toys make you realize more about your pleasure points. These days Sex Toys in India are having a huge demand due to Internet revolution and more women/men from metro cities are turning to their kinky sides with these toys.  There are now Arousal Gels, Vibrators, Handcuffs, Lingerie and Feathers that has made sex much more adventurous and fun thing to do every single day.

Sex is in the Togetherness

You want to feel the warmth of another’s body, flirt, share laughter and each other’s fantasies that makes your and your partner’s world worth living. You started to discover and kept on finding all the newer feelings and emotions in completely a new way such as to know what makes you cold, what makes you hot, what makes you cry, what makes you scream. And then you started to discover these with lover once again with some tried and tested old ways. Physical intimacy extends sex and feel and touch and kisses and hugs and the warmth of your partner’s body and holding hands and grabbing your men’s waist with your arms around the midsection of your lover. A human body has enough senses to ignite you or just by having a look at your lover could make you feel like losing control and tingly. The musky smell coming from your partner’s skin could send shivers making you shiver. The sound coming from your inner vocals, whispers, dirty talks, screams and you just can’t stop asking for more. These sensations all know what’s going to happen and what’s been done. Indeed, you just can’t depend upon physical body alone you atmosphere too such as scented candles, strawberries with honey, dimmed lights, soft warm towels and off course soft romantic musical symphonies as well.

Sex Toys India

With the Internet revolution, more people are buying Sex Toys and Adult products in India more than ever.  More Indians are now buying Indian Sex Toys and considering sex toys with more mature and broader perspective. After watching movies like “Veere di Wedding” and web series “Lust Stories”, Indian Adults and Sex Industry has witnessed a huge demand for Sex Toys and Dildos in India. All these movies contained a lot of steamy masturbating and self-pleasure scenes that set internet on fire and there is a message that comes out of that, the women are also a sexual being. As per the survey conducted by Google – Indians searched for Keywords like “Sex Toys India”, “Sex Toys”, “Sex toys for Girls” and “Women Sex toys”, increased rapidly by whooping 180% in the mid-year 2018.

2-3 years back till 2016, majority of Indians did not even know there is any such thing exists like masturbators, Dildos, Vibrators etc. But the time has changed now, all the Sex Toys are like an interesting domain to explore. Since people nowadays know and have knowledge about what Sex and Adults toys do to improve their sex life, this is where Adultscare comes into play to provide people with distinctly categorized Sex Toys For Women, Sex Toys For Men and Sex toys for couples to have a fun and satisfying sex life with added passion and enhanced pleasure.

Why Adultscare?

Adultscare is one of the leading Adults Sex Toys Online Store and a great destination that allows adult people who want to spice up their Sex lives and add more sexual fun, to buy Sexual Wellness Sex Products online in a discreet way. We are young, experienced and designer company whose end goal is to provide high quality, branded Sex products and Toys. We specialize in providing different kind of sex toys for Men, Women, Lesbians or Gays.

We have huge variety of Sex toys for people with different taste, size and color, so everyone can boys Adult Toys as per their needs.  Here, you will find different types of Sex Toys like for Women and Men. We have Vaginal/ Anal/ Mouth Masturbators, Penis Enlargement, Prostate Massager, Cock Rings, Penis Enlargement Pump. For women, there are Vibrators, Dildos, Suction pumps for Nipples, clitoral stimulation devices etc. We also have sex products like Lubricant, Anal Products, Lingerie, Bondage accessories and much more, which can be used by both Men and Women.

Adultscare is a one stop shop for people to buy multi-brand Sex Toys that all fall within reasonable price range. We provide Thongs, Vibrators, Lubricant (Water based/Silicon based), fleshlight, prostate toys, condoms etc. Adultscare provides you a medium to dissolve Taboos by encouraging sexual exploration and giving you correct information about our products. All the products available here are of ultra-quality and 100% Legal. All these products don’t case any irritation, allergies or injury and moreover they are completely safe for health and are eco-friendly.

Adultscare Strictly Follow Discretion

We are highly inclined towards confidentiality. We use Non-Branded, unmarked packaging boxes for delivering you products. We provide Sex Toys and Adult Products across all the states in India.  We never mention the product’s actual name on the box, so no one can get to know what’s inside the box. We will keep your personal details secret and secure throughout the phases like Billing, Packaging and delivery. As soon as we receive your order through call, chat or online portal we start working on to get the product delivered at your doorsteps as soon as possible. Once you buy a product from us, you won’t be able to stop yourself next time when you are buying a product from us.

Speak to our Experts

In case, you have any question regarding the use of our product or any feedback and testimonial, feel free to send us a mail at support@adultscare.com. You can reach us via Email, Chat or call us on our 24/7 customer support number 9988993264. We will respond to you instantly.  Our team is thankful to all the customers for their consistent support and always wishes them a continued and happy business with us.

Couple Sex Toys

There are several Sex Toys available at Adultscare.com that can be used by both partners. The Sex Toys used by Men and female include a Lubricant, Anal Toys, Strap on, Suck, Bondage gear /equipment etc. The lubricant is used to reduce friction during intercourse; it needs to be applied on Genital area before sexual activity. There is different kind of lubes available in the market like Water Based Lubes, Silicon lubes, and Oil based lubes. One can choose the lube according to their need. If a male partner wants to have Anal Sex with his women, then you can use our Water based Lubricants to have less friction while inserting penis into her butthole. If you have a dry vagina it could be really painful to have sex, then you can use our good quality Humanan Body Water Soluble lubricant to nourish the genital area and make the whole experience feel more pleasurable.

Anal is the very sensitive body part in human body. There are different categories of anal toys like anal vibrators, Anal Dildos, Anal Beads, Butt plugs and many more. Some of the Sex Toys include Strap On that is widely used by Lesbians. By using Sex Toys one can reduce the chances of STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) and undesirable pregnancy to a great extent. The Sex Toys are made up of different kind of skin friendly material. Select the right one that suits your needs.

Use Best Quality Sex Toys with Safety

Most of the Sex Toys that are sold nowadays are made up of body safe material. People who have highly sensitive skin or any allergic condition must choose the Sex Toy according to skin type and ingredients used in the Toy before purchasing any Sex Product. If you want to have a long lasting sex and feel more comfortable while having intercourse, it is recommended to use an Oil based lubricant first and then applying a Water based lubricant on the top, as it creates a double glide affect. Special precaution must be taken before buying these personal bedroom toys. It is very important to clean and wash these toys before and after use since most of these toys are porous in nature, so they could lead to bacterial growth on the surface. When you are applying lubricant use the best quality lubes that are available at Adultscare.com online store.

If you prefer to use silicone based lubricants, don’t use them with the Sex toys made up of silicon as it will damage the toy. Similarly if you use the oil based lubricant with a Latex condom then it will surely break down the condom. Sex Toys are used to provide you a sexually pleasing experience without any risk of spreading sexually Transmitted disease like HIV, AIDS, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis etc. On the top of everything, Sex Toys are generally cheaper to buy, so everyone can buy it online from Adultscare.com online store.

Buy Fleshlight girls : A great way to enhance sexual Stamina

Our best Men sex toys such as Fleshlight Girls is not just like any other adult products in India, rather,they are perfect tool for increase sexual endurance, improving performance in bed and stimulating awe-inspiring sensual orgasms.You can make use of the products by using them with silicone based lubes and water based lubricants for longer and better performance. Using these lubes, you can heat up your sexual sensations and make your sexual relations simply incredible. These vagina replicas feels exactly like a real pussy upon being penetrated and inject your sexual fantasies with ultimate seduction and pleasure to make your love moments memorable.