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What are arousal Stimulation Gels and Liquids?

Arousal Stimulation gels are designed to enhance sensation rather than produce it. These products enhance what you are already experiencing, so when you are aroused or have intercourse, it is simply used to enhance that natural, sensitive feeling. In many cases, it is seen that there is a lack of excitement in women and male partners. That is, when they want to have sex and the other partner is excited about sex, then one partner is not able to get his excitement completely. Due to his blessings, he is not able to find the ultimate happiness in his intercourse. That's why arousal gels are used.

For sexual health improvement, arousal gels can play a great role in providing kinky fun to several women across the world as these gels are a great way to turn the women on and explore sensual sensations like never before. Using arousal gels on the vagina's outer walls and clitoris it enhances the sensitivity in the intimate area and makes every touch feel so good that women can go ", I just love it!" Many people get confused and mix both lubricants and arousal gels, but there is a big difference. Lubricants are used to moisturize the sexual organs and make them wet while arousal gels stimulate the genitals in both sexes. Arousal gels are applied on the outer surface of the vagina, on the sides, and under the hood of the clitoris. This creates a warm kinky sensation in the area increasing the pleasure during intercourse.

Arousal gel increases the oxygen transport and blood flow to the genitals because its formula helps to open the blood vessels. Arousal gels are used to enhance the sensation or orgasm. It is rubbed on both sides and also on the top of the clitoris, which stimulates the erogenous zone by increasing circular friction in those zones. An increase in circulation creates a sensation that stimulates sensitivity.
Arousal gels are not lubed. They must not be confused with lubes. Where lubes are used for smooth intercourse, arousal gels are used for a long-lasting experience. Arousal gel can last for around 25-30 minutes. It is funny to say, but some people identify arousal gel as “Female Viagra” which is a misconception. Don’t believe that because both things are different. But yes, pleasure gels aka arousal gels increase your arousal and give you a never-ending experience.

What does arousal gel Do?

Arousal Gel helps to increase the warmth and sensation of your sex, due to which you feel confident. Lovingly apply the stay-on formula to your desired areas to stimulate a warm embrace-like feeling of passion. With this dreamy arousal gel, you can enjoy your glamorous sensuality. You will find them in different flavors on Adultscare.

Is it safe to use Arousal Gel?

Yes, to a large extent, the aerosol gel is safe if it is used carefully and to the limit because its excessive use can also be harmful to you.

Tips on How to Use Arousal Gels?

Check the ingredients on the gel's label to make sure you are not allergic or sensitive to anything in it. Put a small amount of the product on your wrist or thigh and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. So you'll know what to expect, you'll get used to the tingly feeling. Furthermore, it will ensure that you don't have a bad reaction to the gel before using it.

Put a small amount on your fingertip and gently massage it into your target area when you're ready. Because these gels are not intended for internal use, the clitoral application is the safest option. Rub the clitoris (or the mons pubis, labia, or clitoral hood) as the gel takes effect to increase arousal.

Are you not sure you want to go straight to the vulva? Massage the gel into the nipples or areolae first. The product works wonders on both the vulva and penis. You may need to wait several minutes for the tingling sensation to reach its peak, so don't get impatient. Allow yourself to relax and enjoy your increased sexual arousal (hopefully). It normally takes about twenty minutes for each application to take effect.

Do Arousal Gels Actually work?

Arousal gels work exactly as they promise, according to vulva-havers who've used them. Until now, however, the only scientific evidence available has come from companies that manufacture arousal gels.

Despite this, early returns are positive. More than three-quarters of vulva owners between 18 and 59 reported more genital sensitivity after using arousal gel, and 90 percent said that it improved their sexual experience. According to a related study, participants reported significant improvements in arousal, lubrication, orgasm, and satisfaction. These two studies were presented to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

A preliminary study of a topical arousal gel not yet on the market reported similar results. In the study, participants with FSAD who were given the gel reported 48% more satisfactory sexual experiences than those who were given a placebo. Arousal gels make sense, regardless of whether the evidence is anecdotal or scientific. If used correctly, these gels can help improve sexual well-being for those with serious medical problems as well as boost arousal for those who just want to have a better time.

Arousal Gels Are Proven Seriously Productive And Extremely Useful in Your Bedroom

Sex drive enhancing products are most often available in the form of arousal gels, lotions, oils, creams, etc. They are being utilized by humans for over several centuries to boost up their sexual joyousness. These enhancers are particularly designed to append that additional passion in your bedroom with several different choices. provides you with solutions for all of your requirements and options you may have in your mind.

At Adultscare, we have everything available for your intimacy desires for your solo play as well as having fun with your partner, and game up your love life in the bedroom. Increasing age, mental stress and pressure of meeting targets at work, and nervousness to fulfill your partner’s desire, can lead to lack of sexual interest. No matter you are men or women, there will always be a time that will come when you will realize that you need to discover more ways and options to try out new products and sex drive enhancers, to make you and your partner fulfill their sensual needs and accomplish the sexual fantasies. 

From vaginal rejuvenation creams and gels for women to clit enhancers, from oral sex drops to nipple nibblers, we have almost everything available to fulfill your exciting needs. There always comes the time when everybody goes through a little dry spell in sex life, and it makes you feel that your libido is decreasing. Life should not only be restricted to earning money, eating, sleeping and repeating! Living a healthy life consists of having playful sex most of the time. Sex is the basic foundation of most of the marriages and healthy relationships. The life spent without passionate sensual lovemaking moments is the life totally wasted. For both Men and Women who don’t relish their sex lives to complete sexual satisfaction, it is quite normal to feel disappointed. This is the where these sex arousal gels and oils come into play so that women can use them to rejuvenate their sex lives. Sex products like sexy lingeries Spanish Gold Fly, JO clitoral enhancement oil, can do wonders in a women’s life who think that there is no sex in their lives. offers these arousal gels and oils to add the sensual sex content that is good for the healthy life of women.

At Adultscare we deal in online sex toys store, we struggle vigorously hard to deliver at your doorsteps the best sex products available at the online marketplace, to enhance your sex life. It is very important to opt for the best sex enhancer to spice your love life in the bedroom. 

Spanish Gold Fly 5ML Sticks

Spanish Gold Fly is 100% Safe, made up of all natural and herbal ingredients. This ancient legend called as Spanish Gold Fly is world’s renowned sexual aphrodisiac best used for increasing sexual stimulation, it also still helps to improve sex arousal and enhance sex drive very effectively in women to this day. The genuine and real Spanish fly that has been used for several decades involved crushing up of dry beetles, developing into the dirt. Being absorbed by the body, the chemical compound called Cantharidin present in it causes the inner lining of urethra disturbed and it is thrown out of the body through the urinary tract that stimulates the sex organs. Nowadays, Spanish fly is manufactured and produced under safe and hygienic conditions by pharmaceutical companies.

Jo Clitoral Enhancement Gel

If you are a woman who wants to who wants to enhance her sexual pleasure, heighten your passion and fulfill your needs for intimacy, then you must try JO clitoral enhancement gel. Jo will cause tingling, warm, sensational resulting in increased sexual arousal, pleasure and satisfaction level. JO clitoral enhancement gel is the first product of its kind in the online marketplace. A drop or 2 is all you need, within 90 seconds you will feel tingling sensation start to work with the effect lasting for up to 40 -60 minutes and with continued use JO clitoral enhancement gel has shown to improve an individual’s overall sexual sensitivity.

More importantly, JO Clitoral Enhancement Gel contains no L-Arginine, which promotes the outbreak in people affected with the herpes virus. Moreover, it is PH balanced and hormone free and it is safe to use with condoms. The JO clitoral enhancement safely stimulates the clitoris, 1 or 2 drop is all you need to make the best use of it. It promotes the blood flow to the clitoris that enhances long-lasting sexual sensitivity and promotes the gratifying orgasmic response and it is latex compatible, which means it will not break the condom.

Do they help women to achieve orgasm?

According to clinical research, approximately 75-80% of women are satisfied with the use of arousal gel. Some of our customers have reported great results. They say, they had a better or great orgasm by using our arousal gel. In a few cases, it is difficult to arouse for some people, which is also reported as a medical condition, but there is nothing to worry about it, it is very common and for those people, arousal gel is the perfect solution.