Electric Vibration Breast Enlargement Kit

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Item Type:Massage and Relaxation

Material:ABS, PVC

Powered by: 3*AA butteries

Color: pink

Size: 13cm*11cm

Package Include:1Pcs Breast Enlargement Pump

Product Instructions:
  Well-developed and sexy breast is symbol of female's charm. Female breast can not only feed babies but also is important part of female body. Every female is dreaming to have beautiful and sexy breast which will make herself more attractive.
  Aging, busy life, pregnancy, over-weight and congenital stunt, all these factors may cause breast small and flat or falling down and make breasts unhealthy and sick.
  This Breast Enhancer is best life gift for every woman. By using it often, it can prevent and cure breast diseases and make breast shape beautiful and perfect.  This kind breast massager is a high-tech product for breasts-promoting in the world. Adopting the physical principle, the Brassiere can boost the breasts to grow up scientifically, safely and effectively, which enable you have a health and proud breasts. Whats more, it can prevent the breast disease, regulate womens endocrine effectively. It has double function of breasts-promoting and health care.
  It will help thousands of women worldwide feel more confident, sexyand feminine.
First :To lift the breast and prevent pendulous breast effectively at the same time Make your breasts abnormality fullness  and flexible .
Second:Providing breasts enough nutrition and blood containing enough oxygen, which will improves the connective tissue,effetively dredging the blood vessel,remove stagnation,effectively remove mammary gland disease,prevent breast prolapse, relaxation and deformation.
1.Built-in rechargeable batteries) design (have no (wires) baffel! Simple operation, convenient.
2.rechargeable design, which used to walk! Low voltage power supply, safe and reliable.
3.microcomputer control vibration massage, promote the blood circulation, stimulate breast leaf development,  According to the human body engineering design, comfortable, streamline personal appearance.
4.physics principle massage breast enhancement, unique breasts disk and far infrared material combination of breast, breast tissue cells, activate vigor and improving the body of the female hormone, accelerate blood circulation, breast milk, standing in the body. As you shape plump moving milk!
5.experiments prove it  doesn`t contain any hormone, no side effects!
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How to use
1. Connect rectifier DC plug to DC PLug of the product. Place the rectifier plug into electrical outlet.
2. Chargeable battery inside for power supply while not using adaptor. Press the key"VIbration" directly and it is working.
A:Preparation: Clean product inside with a clean towel, then put directly on breast, or inside and outside clothes as you like and adjust product length to suit breast size.
B:Vibration: Please press the key "Vibration" and it will automatically transform different massage modes such as Scratch, Beating, Shiatsu, Full vibration and corresponding green light on. Turn "off" key, it stops working and green light off. 
C:Intensity:Strong, Middle, Weak 3 degrees for your choice.
D:Auto timing:It will automatically power off after working for 15 minutes. If use again, please press "Off" key first and then change it to "Vibration" key to start vibrating. 
How to make it charged
Connect rectifier plug into electrical outlet and press the key"Charge" and green light on. It will about 12 hours to make chargeable enough. Please power off after use to ensure safety and prevent battery from short use.
Attention Items
1. Don't use it if you have heart or brain or blood vessel diseases.
2. Don't put the product together with sharp material, don'[t step on it or press it using heavy tools.
3.Continue to use everyday, but don't use it in 30 minutes before or after diner. 
4. Please turn off the power supply after use.