Since a long time this stubborn habit has hampered sex lives, so why everyone does it? According to a whole lot of experiences food and sex never went well together. Again, it has been said that it’s a strong no situation. Either you can agree to the fact or else just find out yourself where this whole thing goes wrong. Sex toys for men can be pleasant experience. Both food and sex are sensual pleasures. Try combining them and you get too much (everyone knows excess of anything is bad). It wouldn’t be like having sex while you’re best sex playlist remains on, or you can easily just fool around on the satin sheets being playful with sex toys for men. Combine these two and chances are you won’t be able to provide either the attention that they would deserve. Ever had the thought of all edible items that are commonly touted as “fun to have sex with” or sex toys in India– something like whipped cream, honey, chocolate sauce, fruits or sex toys such as vibrator and massagers. Ever had experience with experimenting food in bed? (Probably, you’ll be in a filthy mix.) Has it been incredible? Or was it just the sort of sticky or giggly? Has it been “sticky and giggly” how you’ll exactly recall sex experience? All right then. Whipped cream? Seems like a bad idea to consider. Any idea how dried and baddairy would smell on the top of your partner’s penis? It wouldn’t exactly smell
good.Talking about the honey! It’s just delicious. However, it’s sickening if you’re having more than a teaspoon of it all by itself. Now you can think about the right amount of honey that would be required to just drizzle lightly over anyone’s body. So, does the sound of eating too much of honey keeps you away? Now think of your partner being wrapped by it and it’s around everyone’s hair and you must lick it sexily while using vibrator or just the food, but you threw up. And yet, such advice would be circulated through famous magazines. According to one it was suggested to “feed ice cream to each other (in the dark). The logic here is that unable to see anything would lead to more licking the mess.” The sexual experience turns out to be even more fun with condom online.

To some people the idea might sound cute, and to some it would be a complete turn off. But you can picture it: You’re completely nude in a dark room. A cold spoon would find your way to the mouth, and when you open, you’ll be ready to accept the load of ice cream, trusting your sweet partner to feed you the right amount of Cherry Garcia. Intensify the fun with varieties of condom online However, you might underestimate the amount; the ice cream basically falls off the spoon directly at the top of your breasts, dropping at your partner’s belly and you’re thinking it right – it’s a freezing ice cream. So here of you are naked, shivering with cold and have the hands of a toddler with Popsicle or sex toys online. Not a good idea, is it? Thus, with every other food there are downsides that most of the times weigh over the upsides. So, it’s quite better to stay safe. In here you can completely go the same old way without any additions. You’ll surely enjoy the whole experience with the inclusion of sex toys online.